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Pure Barre Etiquette Primer

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Whether you’re brand new or a member of the 100 Club, it can’t hurt to brush up on Pure Barre etiquette. Here are some tips from Arika Hundt-Cole, manager of Pure Barre studios in Okemos, Brighton and soon-to-open Novi, Michigan:

Arrive Early: When you take your first class, give yourself 10-15 minutes to ask the instructor questions, purchase your class or new client special, fill out paperwork, and get your equipment and spot set up.

Tune In: Listen to the cues that the instructors give instead of looking around the room. It will help you focus on where you should be working, plus it is really hard to see what others are actually doing because the movements are so small, sharp and precise.

Go at Your Own Pace: No one would ever believe when watching how hard this class really is. Take breaks and modify when needed, then jump back in as soon as you can. Most important, know that it takes time to get this technique down. You may feel silly or lost your first couple classes. The more you come, the better you get.

Unplug: Make this hour about you. Arrive a few minutes early to get set up and ready your mind and body for one hour where you can let everything else go. Keep your phone out of sight, out of mind. You spend so much time worrying about everyone else, this is time for you to be selfish!

Cover Up: When taking class (even if it’s hot out) wear either capris or full-length yoga style pants. In certain positions you will use a ball or tube around your thighs and if you are wearing shorts you will not get the grip to keep the equipment in place. Plus, long pants and socks keep the body warm, which reduces the possibility of getting injured and ensures your muscles are warm.

Complete Class: Life does get in the way sometimes, but try to be in class from the first knee up until the last stretch of cool down. Not only will your body thank you, but your mind will as well.

Make a Friend: Don’t feel shy when coming in to take class! Introduce yourself to someone next to you. A lot of people end up coming to class at the same times each week and it might be motivational if you know your PB buddy is going to be there when you feel like taking a day off.

Offer Support: If you see someone who is new, make them feel welcome. After all, we all remember our first class. During class that new person may be struggling, and you may want to help, but remember that the hour is about you. The teacher will be over to help the new person get in the correct position and assist them with form and technique.

Share Equipment: If there is a class coming in after yours, feel free to wipe down your weights, tube and ball and ask someone coming in if they would like it left out. Not only will they appreciate it, but it will help reduce traffic in the equipment room.

Wear Socks: It doesn’t matter if they are Pure Barre sticky socks or some other kind of grippy socks, but you want to make sure that your feet are covered during class. You will really notice how much your feet slide in certain positions like plank if you are not wearing sticky socks. It is also beneficial for hygiene reasons, as socks help us keep the carpets as clean as possible.

Have Fun. We know it’s hard, so it’s OK to “whew” and “OMG” out loud during class. Whatever helps you get deeper and stay in longer!

Pure Barre Etiquette

Pure Barre Eastern Shore, Ala. created a fun Pure Barre photo album on Facebook to share etiquette tips. Here, Instructor Kelly Miller (left) and Owner Mary Barron (right) appear in a photo captioned “Don’t bring your cell phone into the workout room, unless you also bring your pet elephant.”

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