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16 Tips to Becoming a Successful Business Owner

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Successful business owners are focused, committed, passionate, driven and disciplined. Entrepreneurs thrive by overcoming challenges and don’t give up when the first sign of trouble arises. They’re smart risk takers, and in general, they’re just a different breed of people … a rare breed. Read below to see if you have what it takes to make it through the hard times.

Tips to become successful in your business …

1. Hire good people, develop their talents and delegate.

2. Stay focused and connected with your business.

3. Keep a schedule, but remain flexible.

4. Have a solid safety net, financially speaking, before opening your business.

5. Be willing to put in the time and don’t be afraid of long hours.

6. Experience is valuable. Keep learning and be innovative.

7. Have a backbone, don’t take things personally and prepare for some hard things: firing people, lack of money/paycheck, etc.

8. Lose the ego and know how to run your business from the bottom up – from cleaning the toilets to running the cash register.

9. Know your customer & listen to their feedback. Complaints are valuable.

10. You will make mistakes – learn from them and move on.

11. Don’t be scared of competition, embrace it.

12. Have in depth conversations about your business with a role model or mentor frequently.

13. Maintain a support system. Let go of negative, high maintenance relationships and keep your inner circle close.

14. Don’t assume once you open your doors that people will come. Market the hell out of your business.

15. Develop personal integrity and always do the right thing.

16. Stay authentic to your beliefs and let your passion drive your business.

… are you one of the rare breeds? What do you think it takes to become a successful business owner? Spill.



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