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Find Your Balance

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Life is about finding harmony in all aspects. To help in your search for a well-rounded life, here are our top five tips to achieve balance – at the barre and beyond!

We believe there is great beauty in strength, and great strength in appreciating our individual beauty. Every person has something that makes him or her beautiful in their own way. When it comes to beauty, seek balance by finding ways to accentuate what you love about yourself without hiding behind a costume, and remember that the greatest beauty comes from within.


Find balance in: your nourishment

The fuel you put into your body is just as important as what you do with your body. It’s important to choose healthy, nourishing foods that will give you the energy you need to make the most of every day. Part of finding balance in the foods you eat includes eating across the spectrum – imagine a rainbow! Fill your plate with as many colors as possible to include all of the vitamins and minerals you need. Don’t forget to enjoy a sweet treat or salty snack occasionally as well – remember, balance!

Find balance in: your rest

Everything in life is about finding the equilibrium that keeps you moving forward. Just as you put intention and focus into your waking hours, remember the importance of your sleeping hours as well. A body without rest will not sustain itself for long. Allow yourself to shut down at the end of each day. Our favorite ritual: make a list of anything you need to take care of the next day or anything nagging you; prepare anything you can for the morning – clothes laid out, keys by the door, meals ready to grab and go; and create a quiet, restful environment for sleeping. No devices, no electronics, just time for your body to rejuvenate itself.

Find balance in: your technique

In Pure Barre, we try to achieve balance – literally – in every position. Teaching your core to engage and support your entire body is key to finding your best form, no matter where you’re working. Regardless of your position in class, test your balance from time to time. Let go of the barre, shift your weight to distribute evenly throughout your body, and let your muscles take over. Consciously decide to engage your powerhouse throughout class – these strong core muscles will improve your posture and stability. If you need a support, the barre will always be there for you, but challenge yourself to learn to balance on your own.

Find balance in: your practice

Pure Barre is safe to do every day – and we love to see clients dedicate themselves to deepening their practices. Think of your class as the time to find the ultimate balance – a connection between your mind and your body that can carry on through every aspect of your world. Challenge yourself to silence your mind during class and focus only on the work your body is doing. Try repeating the movement your teacher has cued silently to yourself as you do it – notice how your muscles take over and push you further than you thought you could go. Use your studio as a space to balance the intellectually demanding aspects of your day with the chance to do something physical, and you’ll take not only your Pure Barre practice, but your entire life, to a new level.

Do you have a daily ritual that helps you maintain a balanced life? Share with us in the comments below!

From the Pure Barre Teacher Training Team.

Pure Barre is thrilled to be the fitness partner for Real Simple’s “Beauty & Balance” Weekend April 17-19! We will be on-site hosting Pure Barre classes at Real Simple’s event in New York and will also be bringing the beauty & balance concept to Pure Barre studios around the country. Stop by any of these participating locations to take a “Pure & Simple” specialty class, where we will explore how we couple small movements with our own body’s weight  to achieve maximum results and transform our physiques.

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