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Pure Strategy: How One Studio Took On (and Conquered!) Our Pure Madness Challenge

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The Pure Madness Challenge brought studio teams together in all sorts of fun ways. Challenge Champions over at Pure Barre Peters Township found one surefire way to keep them at the top of that leaderboard. Read on to learn how they kept their momentum going all month long – the challenge may be over, but staying motivated to make it to the barre is always key!

When I opened my first Pure Barre studio in January of 2013, I had just left a 15-year long career in sales. Throughout that time, I learned that teamwork is essential to achieving goals and fostering a great work environment. Each team member brings their own unique style to the table and  the team collectively strives to achieve the goal at hand – accomplishing something that is bigger than yourself.

As I was building my Pure Barre family, it was crucial that we all worked together each day; not only to ensure that our clients have a great experience, but to also help one another (with covering classes, shifts etc.) We celebrate birthdays and holidays together and even have occasional contests to engage in some friendly competition.

When Pure Barre announced that we were doing a nationwide challenge with a day of pampering at stake, I immediately asked myself – “What would be the best way to engage clients and our team to collectively?” I met with our managers and we decided that creating teams would be the perfect solution!


The winning studio team, the “One Inch Wonders,” led by Pure Barre Teacher Katie Dernoshek!

We asked clients to register, then randomly assigned them to teams led by our teachers. Immediately, these “team captains” were brainstorming the best method for getting each of their team members into the studio at least 20 times during the month. I remember laughing in the early days of March as they chatted about emailing and even calling clients to make sure they made it to class- they all wanted to be #1. “I’ve created a monster!”, I thought to myself (in a fun way, of course.)  Our poor clients – they have no idea what they signed up for.


Team Tanks – Laney’s Barre-ty Animals.

We posted the national results each day, encouraging clients to keep up the fantastic work. Many of the teachers came up with creative names for their teams and even made tank tops! Laney Smith, our studio manager, would craft social media posts asking clients if they attended class that day – and ensuring they were planning to attend later. She even engaged clients by encouraging them to post the number of classes they had taken to date. They would all root one another on to achieve that “20 in 31” goal, but they wanted to do more. It was amazing.

The teachers created Facebook and/or email groups for their teams to communicate. The clients pushed each other to find a way to make it to class no matter what. We watched that leaderboard every day and the challenge created such a fun buzz in the studio. Even our Mt. Lebanon studio location was doing everything in their power to move up the ranks. All around, I was so happy with how everyone came together. Our Pure Barre teachers didn’t just want their individual teams to win – they wanted our Peters Township studio to stay at #1. Staying in that top spot for nearly 3 straight weeks was amazing. I was so proud of our teamwork and dedication.

I think most people have the desire to win inside them. When you put together a team goal, it makes winning even more fulfilling.

The Pure Madness Challenge has been such a great experience in encouragement and seeing people work together. We look forward to our day of pampering to help us recover from all of our hard work. I am so proud of our Pure Barre Family!

From Pure Barre Studio Owner Melissa Dellovade, who owns Pure Barre Peters Township and Pittsburgh, PA – Mt. Lebanon.

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