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Becoming a Rock Star: Meet Laura & Lisa

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Laura Staron, owner of Pure Barre, Lubbock, TX, has one “rock star” of a mom. Read on to learn how her inspiring dedication led Laura to become a part of the Pure Barre Family.

Although I am a Native Texan, my family moved from Dallas, Texas to Louisville, Kentucky when I was 13 years old. At age 18, I chose to go back to Texas to attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock. While I was attending school and loving life back in Texas, my Mom started attending Pure Barre classes in Louisville. She called me daily to brag about how “toned and amazing her body looked.” I swear she mentioned it AT LEAST 5-7 times a week. (If I’m being honest, it was more like 10-20.)

During one Christmas break, I came home to Louisville and had my very first Pure Barre experience. It was so amazing (and awful) to see my mom kick my seat in those 55 minutes. I have never hated her more! (Okay – not true.) She was a rock star for the entire 55 minutes and I was an absolute mess. Nonetheless, I am without a doubt her “mini-me” – and in no time, I became just as addicted to the technique and results. I would attend as many classes as I could every time I went home to Louisville. One summer, I conquered 68 classes in 72 days! The absolute best part was getting to find a mutual passion and workout that I could enjoy with Mom- how cool and unique compared to all other workouts. After summers full of Pure Barre, I had NEVER felt better. (I finally looked better than Mom, too.) The Pure Barre Louisville team grew to love my mom and her maternal ways as much as I always have. They called her “Mamma Lisa” and still do today. (She tends to constantly bring baked goods and other conflicting things that contradict Pure Barre….)

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I loved Pure Barre Louisville so much that I told my parents I wanted to open a studio of my own in Texas. (I was headed into my senior year of college and they thought I was kidding.) After another few months of explaining why and how I could do this, my incredible parents invested in me to open my own studio. I have been blessed with my own business for the past year and a half as well as a job that I love more than anything (besides Mom, of course.) When I think about how and why this journey ever began, I know that it started with the very first Pure Barre class I took with her standing by my side. Mamma Lisa is the foundation to my love for Pure Barre – I wouldn’t be LTB’ing every day if it weren’t for her!

My Mom is 56 and I just turned 24. It is truly amazing that we can LOVE and DO the same workout regardless of our age difference. Pure Barre is proof that age is such an insignificant factor when it comes to fitness and the changes your body can see! Even though Mom whines about being in her 50’s every other day, she also notes that if it weren’t for Pure Barre, her body would not be what it is today. It’s a workout she admires more the older she gets. She is hands down the strongest woman I know! Pure Barre is the only kind of fitness we participate in together, and we can vouch that this workout WORKS. It is rapidly changing with never ending results! We specifically LOVE the results it brings to our “ledge.” It is absolutely a total body workout – but more importantly, it targets the areas that ALL women of ALL ages struggle with.

You have NOTHING to lose and a tight seat to gain. (Unless you’re taking class with your rock star Mom- you may lose some pride!) It is truly a life changing experience. If you have the opportunity to go as a mother/daughter duo, or with your best friend, it is even more worth it. The technique is like nothing else and the results are even better. Go in with an open mind and know you will leave with so much more!



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