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Announcing the Pure Give Grand Prize Winners!

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Thank you to our fabulous Pure Barre community for your incredible support of your local charities all over the country. The “Stronger Me. Stronger We.” campaign raised over $186,000 for great causes! All of our participating studios did a wonderful job giving back, and we wanted to give a shout out to our top three grand prize challenge winners. Read their amazing giving stories below!

First Place Winner: Pure Barre Richmond Near West End

Supporting Fetch A Cure

Pure Give 2015 Winner Pure Barre Richmond Near West End!

Pure Barre Richmond – Near West End raised over $17,700 for Fetch A Cure (Fetch) and won our Pure Give Challenge! As the Grand Prize Winner of the challenge they received an additional $5,000 corporate match, totaling in over $22,700 for their charity!

Fetch A Cure’s vision is to create “a community where no one is denied a choice for their pets due to lack of options, education or funding.” Fetch works to help pets live long, healthy lives and raise awareness about pet cancer prevention, detection and treatment. They also provide financial aid through an assistance program to families that are unable to bear the cost of cancer treatment for their pets called “Companions in Crisis.” The Pure Barre Richmond – Near West End studio owner Sarah Love chose Fetch as her Pure Give charity because she believes in the organization’s mission and knew it would speak to her clients as Richmond is such a dog-friendly city. The partnership was a perfect fit.

The 2015 Pure Give campaign is not the first time Sarah and the Richmond- Near West End studio has worked with Fetch. The studio has been open for just over a year, and in that short time frame they have raised a total of $50,000 for Fetch A Cure! In fact, the Near West End studio partnered with Fetch for Pure Barre’s 2014 Pure Give campaign and came in 3rd place nationwide – but this year they developed a partnership to work together in the studio and out in the community. All of their efforts were well received by the Richmond community and they are absolutely thrilled to be our first prize winner!

Sarah always had partnering with an important charity in her business plan. She told us “As a small business owner you can be pulled in so many different directions, and I wanted to focus on three things to do well.” Giving back to a charity her studio is passionate about is one of those three things. Sarah approached Fetch before she even opened her studio in June 2014, as she is a dog lover and owner of golden lab Knox (in the adorable photo above). Fetch was a charity that was near and dear to her heart, and something she felt her future clients would also be passionate about. We spoke with Fetch, and they are absolutely blown away by Sarah, her studio team, and the Richmond Near West End clients. Fetch A Cure is a small local organization, and the donations raised from the Pure Barre Richmond Near West End studio will make a big impact in their community. We spoke to Robin at Fetch who stated “Together we are a small studio and a small organization, and what we can do together is really fantastic.”

The Pure Barre Near West End donations will go towards the completion of the Fetch’s cancer treatment center in Richmond as well as providing funds for those who apply for their Companions in Crisis program. Sarah and her team shared their passion and excitement for their charity on social media frequently posting photos of dogs in their studio. They hosted donation classes, sold raffle tickets, hosted a silent auction, wine tasting and worked with other vendors in their area to give a portion of their proceeds to fetch.

Learn more about Fetch A Cure by visiting their website at Congratulations to the Pure Barre Richmond – Near West End studio on winning our 2015 Pure Give Challenge!!Pure Give: Grand Prize Challenge Winner Richmond Near West End!

Second Place Winner: Pure Barre Bronxville

Supporting The Afya Foundation

Pure Give: Second Place Winner Pure Barre Bronxville!

Pure Barre Bronxville raised over $17,100 for The Afya Foundation and came in second place in our Pure Give Challenge! In addition, they won two of our weekly bonus challenges for an additional $2,000 and received a corporate match of $3,000 – totaling in over $22,000 for The Afya Foundation!

The Pure Barre Bronxville studio chose The Afya Foundation because they wanted to support a charity that was based locally, but had a larger global impact. The Afya Foundation is actually based in the town next door to Bronxville! They are able to collect unused medical supplies and equipment and re purpose them to give to countries in need to help to save lives. To the Pure Barre Bronxville community, saving another human life with their efforts was at the top of their charitable list.

The $22,000 that Bronxville raised for The Afya Foundation will ship thousands of pieces of medical supplies to countries in need. This includes everything from operating equipment to wheelchairs to MRI machines for medical centers and their patients.

The Bronxville studio was able to fundraise for Afya in several creative ways. They hosted an online silent auction, hosted an in-studio raffle, hosted a fun cocktail party and an intensive class with 100% of the proceeds going to Afya. Not to mention they won not one, but two of the weekly bonus challenges! The Bronxville studio raised the highest number of donations in one week and won our first-ever Pure Barre Plank-Off which was live-streamed on Periscope. Studio manager Mariellen planked for an astonishing 11 minutes 20 seconds! We are impressed!

This is the second Pure Give Challenge that the Bronxville studio has participated in, and they were very impressed with the amazing support from their clients and their community. They told us that the challenge was an amazing experience for them all around!

Learn more about The Afya Foundation by visiting their website at Great job team Bronxville for coming in 2nd place in the 2015 Pure Give Challenge!

Third Place Winner: Pure Barre Lynnfield

Supporting The Northeast Animal Shelter, Inc.

Pure Give: Third Prize Winner Pure Barre Lynnfield!

Pure Barre Lynnfield raised over $9,100 for The Northeast Animal Shelter, Inc. and came in third place in our Pure Give Challenge! They received an additional $2,000 corporate match and $1,500 for winning the “Pure Barre Spirit Award” totaling over $12,600 for The Northeast Animal Shelter!

The Pure Barre Lynnfield studio chose the Northeast Animal Shelter as their charity for the 2015 Pure Give Challenge because of the large number of their clients and staff that have adopted animals from this shelter. It is one of the only no-kill shelters in the northeast, taking in dogs and cats who are at risk for euthanization from animal shelters all over the country. Their Pure Barre community is incredibly passionate about this cause! The funds they have raised for the shelter will go toward the general operating expenses of the shelter, to give others in their community the opportunity to adopt animals from this amazing shelter.

Pure Barre Lynnfield fundraised for the Northeast Animal Shelter in several different ways. They hosted a number of donation classes, sold water bottles for donations, hosted raffles with over 40 prizes and had a very engaging social media campaign (see above for their adorable photo booth).

Learn more about the Northeast Animal Shelter by visiting their website at . Great job to Pure Barre Lynnfield for being our 3rd place winner in the 2015 Pure Give Challenge!

Congratulations to all of our participating studios and clients for raising over $186,000 for charities across the country during the 2015 Pure Give Challenge.

We are stronger together!

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