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Why I Barre: Brandilyn’s Story

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 Pure Barre Why I Barre: Brandilyn

We asked and you delivered! This month we will be sharing #WhyIBarre stories from Pure Barre enthusiasts all over the country. Want to share your story? Record a 15 second video in your studio and upload it to Instagram using #WhyIBarre for a chance to win a month of classes at the studio of your choice!

Why do you barre? “Stress relief”

I grew up as a dancer and still teach dance, but can never actually take dance classes since I teach all the advanced ones at my studio. I also have a full time job as an elementary school teacher, so time is limited. I HATE going to the gym and really don’t like running, so after college I didn’t exercise much.

I kept hearing about Pure Barre, but there was never one near where I lived, so I wasn’t able to take class. Luckily in April 2015, Jill opened Pure Barre Augusta and I’ve been hooked since the first class. I’m at 92 classes and love to LTB as much as possible!

Pure Barre is always changing and it’s always a challenge. Whereas going to the gym or running can get monotonous, Pure Barre never is. The teachers are always so encouraging and just when I feel like I can’t hold my leg up any longer, they notice and tell me what a great job I’m doing. Making it through that final 10 feels like an accomplishment every time!

I’ve NEVER had arm muscles and I’m so impressed by the upper body strength I’ve gained. I can now make it through the push up portion of the warmup and get closer to the floor every class, which is something I could never do before. Everything has become more toned and I feel so much stronger. Also, miraculously I can make it to 6 a.m. class, which is surprising for someone who isn’t a morning person!

My advice for someone just considering Pure Barre is to just do it! It is the best change I’ve made in my life and you won’t regret it!

– Brandilyn Stroup, Pure Barre enthusiast from Augusta, GA

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