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Why I Barre: Caroline’s Story

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Pure Barre Why I Barre Caroline

We asked and you delivered! This month we will be sharing #WhyIBarre stories from Pure Barre enthusiasts all over the country. Want to share your story? Record a 15 second video in your studio and upload it to Instagram using #WhyIBarre for a chance to win a month of classes at the studio of your choice!

Why Do You Barre? “For myself”

I started Pure Barre in 2013 because I was bored of my same routine. I instantly fell in love and excelled at Pure Barre immediately. Perfecting my form and working to achieve the next level was a fun thing for me, and it turns out to be a great distraction from life when you need one.

In January 2014 I found out my husband who is a Marine was being deployed to Germany that coming March. I was devastated, but I used Pure Barre to help me through my sadness. Then, in February, less than a month before he left, we found out we were pregnant (this was a GIGANTIC surprise). Not only did this mean me spending my entire pregnancy alone, it meant me not knowing if he’d be there for her birth and having to raise her alone until she was 6 1/2 months old. Pure Barre WhyIBarre: Caroline's Story

Fortunately, he was here for her birth and is now home safely with us- but through all the chaos- there was always Pure Barre. I knew that no matter what, if I was 32 weeks pregnant doing my 90 second plank or 3 weeks post pregnancy (yes, I said 3 weeks, that’s how fast I recovered because I stayed in such good shape with Pure Barre) doing ab exercises like a champ, that I could find a moment of peace when I put on those sticky socks and stepped into that studio. I can never thank Pure Barre enough for all it has done for me. And my sweet 11 month girl is affectionately known as the Pure Barre baby, what could be better?

– Caroline Nauert, Pure Barre enthusiast from Louisville, KY – Summit

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