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Why I Barre: Jennifer’s Story

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Why I Barre: Jennifer's Story

Why do you barre? “For my daughters!”

I barre for my daughters. I am a mommy of two wonderful, full of spirit little girls who need mommy to be full of the same. I am a survivor of a heart disease and proud owner of a pacemaker. It is very important for me to exercise and keep healthy. I have also developed back problems, and lifting the girls was very painful at times.

Before I moved to Florida, I used to rock climb and continued to do so even with pain from scar tissue. After my girls where born, I moved to an area without mountains and I could no longer rock climb. I struggled to find a workout in my new home that didn’t bore me. Jennifer's Why I Barre: For my daughters

My very first class at Pure Barre killed me and lit a fire of wanting to master this like one of my climbing challenges! The even better benefit is that my back pain is now gone! I have been taking Pure Barre classes since April, and I am still not bored. I have strength and confidence in myself again and I hate missing a day of class!

My advice to someone just considering Pure Barre is to give it 10 classes, and you will really see a big change in appearance and strength!


– Jennifer Fernandez, Pure Barre enthusiast from Pensacola, FL

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