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Why I Barre: Lana’s Story

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Why I Barre: Lana's Story

We asked and you delivered! This month we will be sharing #WhyIBarre stories from Pure Barre enthusiasts all over the country. Want to share your story? Record a 15 second video in your studio and upload it to Instagram using #WhyIBarre for a chance to win a month of classes at the studio of your choice!

Why do you barre? “Challenging, Toning, Fun.”

I started Pure Barre in January 2015 as a way to get in shape and meet people since I was new to the West Coast. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but 9 months later, I’ve met some awesome ladies, pushed myself beyond what I could’ve imagined, and my workout wardrobe may have expanded a ton! Who knew 10 seconds could feel so long?! From barely being able to extend my leg during my first class to now being able to hold my 90-second plank no problem, I’m so thankful for the encouragement the teachers and fellow Pure Barre clients have given me along the way! I love the collective sighs after thighs, that awesome feeling when you stretch after core work, and the cheers at the end of class because we all got through 55-minutes of LTB-ing and accomplished something together! I’m onward to the 250 Club!

I’m able to push myself beyond what I physically think I can do! Mind over matter! Once you start going consistently and get into the groove of class, it’s crazy to think that “maybe today I’ll go an inch lower, lift my heels a little higher, or make my leg a little straighter.” As for physical change, I feel like I’ve leaned out a bit, but definitely looking forward to even more toning! I love that Pure Barre doesn’t get easier and I like how each teacher has their own style, so each class is always different. Stay focused and committed and the results will show.

My advice for someone just considering Pure Barre is to focus on the small, isolated movements and your breathing, as form is most important. Definitely give it a try at least 5-10 times before you decide if it’s for you or not, but hopefully by then you’re hooked! 😉 Ultimately, have fun with it because you’re so much stronger than you think.

– Lana Hoang, Pure Barre enthusiast from Pure Barre Burlingame


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