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Why I Barre: Krislynn’s Story

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Why I Barre: Krislynn's Story

We asked and you delivered! This month we will be sharing #WhyIBarre stories from Pure Barre enthusiasts all over the country. Want to share your story? Record a 15 second video in your studio and upload it to Instagram using #WhyIBarre for a chance to win a month of classes at the studio of your choice!

Why do you barre? “To continue recovering”

Eleven years ago I was in a terrible car accident. I broke my neck, lower back, pelvis, left shoulder and ribs. I collapsed my lungs, lost my spleen and needed 32 blood transfusions. I have several metal implants in my body and it was a challenge to stay active after my accident. Having been a runner all my life, I needed to find a new form of exercise that was low impact to my joints after my recovery. Other forms of exercise just didn’t click with me, but once I found Pure Barre, I fell in love.

I love Pure Barre because despite my limited range of motion following several surgeries, I am able to participate in the entire class, get a great full body workout and incorporate modifications to any position challenging to any of my surgical sites. I also love the very helpful and knowledgeable teachers who are always willing to suggest modified moves and positions for me.

Pure Barre gives me a total body workout without impacting my joints. I have gained significant strength in my core, which gives me increased support for my lower back following my spinal fusion surgery. I have seen improved flexibility all over my body. It has also improved my attitude because I feel like I can successfully complete a challenging workout despite my limitations.

My advice to someone just considering Pure Barre is to definitely try it! Take it from someone who has a lifelong recovery process ahead of them. You’ll be doing your body a favor!

–  Krislynn Barnhart, Pure Barre enthusiast from Seattle – Capitol Hill

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