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Why I Barre: Emily’s Story

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Pure Barre Why I Barre: Emily's Story

Why do you barre? “To feel strong & confident”

I began taking Pure Barre classes about a year ago and soon realized it was a workout that would change my body and my opinion on exercise. After just a few classes I could tell a difference in the tone of my arms. With each class after that, I could feel my body becoming stronger and with that I was becoming more confident. I love that each Pure Barre class is different, and that every day is a new challenge for me. No class is ever “easy,” but some definitely kick my seat a little harder! It keeps me coming back for more.

I will never forget my first Pure Barre class and how I didn’t think I could make it through the warm up, let alone the remaining 40 minutes of class! It was a major “woo hoo” day for me when I was able to hold my plank for the full 90 seconds without resting. Now I am able to push myself harder with each class and have seen results both mentally and physically throughout my entire body.

This past summer I decided that I wanted to make an impact on clients the way the Pure Barre teachers had made an impact on me, and decided to become a Pure Barre Teacher at a new studio that was opening up in town (Pure Barre High Point). Becoming a teacher has made me appreciate and love Pure Barre even more than I did before.

–   Emily Helm, blog author of Life with Emily and Teacher at Pure Barre High Point, NC (Coming Soon)

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