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Why I Barre: Lindsay’s Story

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Why I Barre: Lindsay's Story

Why do you barre? “To honor myself.”

I am lucky to have great fitness role models in my parents, who have worked out and taken care of themselves for as long as I can remember, and who signed me up for a gym membership as soon as I was old enough to attend the gym. I’ve always exercised regularly, but am constantly looking for new ways to challenge myself and my body. My mother started doing Pure Barre in Sarasota in 2012, and after hearing how much she loved it and the amazing results she experienced, I started attending Pure Barre. I started in Chapel Hill in the summer of 2013, and then switched to Pure Barre Durham (a more convenient location) as soon as it opened in early 2014.  Why I Barre: Lindsay's Story

Lindsay her mom and her sister are all Pure Barre enthusiasts!

I started attending Pure Barre about a year before my wedding. I hadn’t been looking to change my fitness routine before I got married, although it was nice to have toner arms and a trimmer waist to show off on the big day! Since beginning Pure Barre I have never felt stronger or more confident in my body and its abilities. The visual results are secondary, in my mind, to how I feel: better, stronger, more balanced, and fitter in general. Pure Barre truly teaches one to honor one’s body, and to be amazed by all it can do. I love Pure Barre and love how it never really becomes easy–it is always a challenge, and one can always push oneself to grow, change, and strengthen!

Since beginning Pure Barre, my balance and endurance have improved 100%. I feel healthier and more at home in my body. On the superficial end of things, I never had a butt before (more like a flat wall) and now I actually have a butt! And a nice butt at that, according to my husband.

My advice for someone considering Pure Barre is to keep going and don’t get discouraged! Your form will improve, you will see results, and you will get addicted. And no, it never gets any easier, but that’s a good thing!!

– Lindsay Gordon-Faranda, Pure Barre enthusiast from Durham, NC

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