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Why I Barre: Bonnie’s Story

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Why I Barre: Bonnie's Story

We asked and you delivered! This month we will be sharing #WhyIBarre stories from Pure Barre enthusiasts all over the country. Want to share your story? Record a 15 second video in your studio and upload it to Instagram using #WhyIBarre for a chance to win a month of classes at the studio of your choice!

Why do you barre? “Strength for grandchildren!”

I have always exercised.  You name it, I’ve tried it.  A gym that I belonged to closed and for two months I searched for my new exercise passion.  A friend invited me to try a Pure Barre class.  One class and I was hooked!  Now, after 6 months, Pure Barre is harder than ever. I have found muscles that I never knew I had. My legs are stronger than they have ever been, my shoulders are much more sculpted and I stand straighter! I am 53 and keep myself strong for those grandchildren that I will hopefully have some day. I want to pick them up, be able to sit on the floor to play…and get up again. I want to walk all day through Disney World. I want to stay strong. Barre is my strength! Both physically and mentally.

It may seem strange, but Pure Barre is relaxing for me. I sweat like crazy, am in pain and am totally exhausted by the end.  Some days I wonder why I’m doing this to myself!  But the focus takes me out of my every day grind and puts in a good place…a place of peace, strength, and harmony with my body.

For someone just considering Pure Barre, I would tell them don’t ever feel like you can’t do it.  And NEVER compare yourself to someone else in class. Everyone is shaped differently and has their strengths and weaknesses. Celebrate YOUR OWN achievements! The first time I held the 90 second plank, I took a moment to sit and clap for myself!

– Bonnie Vannucci, Pure Barre enthusiast from Lakewood Ranch, FL

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