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Share the Love: Caroline’s Story

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This month we are focusing on sharing the love for Pure Barre with friends and family. Keep reading Caroline’s inspirational story. 

Share the Pure Barre Love: Caroline

In 2011 I was diagnosed with lupus. It’s an autoimmune disease that makes my body attack itself. It’s different for everyone, but for me it causes a lot of problems with my kidneys, skin and joints.

I’ve always been lazy. Some might even say sloth like. I’m definitely more couch potato than marathon trainer. Lupus made that doubly so. My sister, Camila, asked me to try Pure Barre with her. I was hesitant because most work outs left my joints in pain and further discouraged me from wanting to work out. I went to that first class with her and was hooked.

The instructors at Pure Barre Buckhead in Atlanta showed me that I can work out and feel good – and that makes me feel awesome! My lupus hasn’t complained once since I started my Pure Barre journey, and for that I’m in love!

Pure Barre makes me both mentally and physically strong. I love that Pure Barre classes motivate me to be the best me I can. They foster strong minds and strong bodies, and the studio is like a family. I never feel ashamed or embarrassed during my workout, and that allows me to push myself and work as hard as I can.Physically I can tell I’m stronger. I can see the difference in my stamina in class, in my appearance in the mirror and feel it in the way my clothes fit. I have more energy, and I’ve noticed a positive change in my confidence and my mood. My body hasn’t complained, and for a lupus patient that’s a big deal!

Pure Barre has made a huge difference in my life. If the couch potato can fall in love with Pure Barre anyone can fall in love with Pure Barre.

– Caroline E., Pure Barre client from Pure Barre Atlanta Buckhead 

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