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Summer Fit: Inspiration from Capri

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Pure Inspiration from Capri


“There are few decisions in my life that I can classify as ‘the best decisions I’ve ever made.’ The year I spent in Belgium for college, the day I adopted my mischievous (yet loving) cat, and the first class I attended at Pure Barre Alexandria.

I was a hot mess my first class where I was awkward and confused 97% of the class. But don’t worry – this is normal! My best advice is to not see Pure Barre as just a workout, see it as a community of motivated ladies (and gentlemen). Focus on yourself, and not on how you look or if anyone is watching you. I’ve recently joined the 100 club and rocked a 90 minute body burn with our amazing teachers!


The obvious changes are in my body.  I sheepishly smile every time a coworker comments on my transformation.  For the first time in my life, I will feel confident enough to wear a bikini this summer!

The more subtle change, and to me what keeps me coming each day, is the mental benefits of Pure Barre.  Once I made the mind/body connection, my experience multiplied exponentially!  Pure Barre is my happy place where the stress melts off my newly shaped shoulders, and the woman staring back at me in the mirror exudes confidence and happiness.”

– Capri H., Client at Pure Barre Alexandria 

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