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Not Just For Girls: How One Father-Daughter Team Bond at the Barre

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Pure Barre Father's Day

My dad, Bob, has always been a huge supporter in all my athletic endeavors. When I had to train for college field hockey, he’d run with me on our vacations, when I ran a cycling studio he was right there in the front row. Naturally, when I began teaching at Pure Barre Richmond – Short Pump two years ago, I didn’t even have to ask him twice to throw on a pair of sticky socks and try my class. Every time he visits me in Richmond, VA, he comes to one of my classes!

I don’t think my dad even realizes how much his attendance in my Pure Barre class means to me. I love that I’m getting to share my passion for Pure Barre with him, but I’m pretty sure he keeps coming for the killer workout and not just me. 😉 My dad owns a Pure Barre Men’s T-Shirt, hat, and sticky socks – and he uses them all with pride.

To this day, my dad uses his Pure Barre ball to supplement his cardio with effective ab work. In his words,

“Pure Barre has awakened me to the fact that you don’t get the best results by grunting through the gym with the biggest weights you can carry. I used to hear Alyssa getting ready to teach a class and thought, “how hard can that be?”  I signed up and found out. Pure Barre is not just for girls, it is a great workout for everyone.”

Happy Father’s Day to our Pure Barre Dad’s!

Alyssa Halter, teacher at Pure Barre Richmond – Short Pump

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