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Pure Inspiration from Madeleine

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Pure Inspiration from Madeleine

My name is Madeleine and I started my Pure Barre journey in 2013.  My best friend, Charlotte introduced me to Pure Barre, and she is now a teacher at Pure Barre Princeton.

In late 2013, I was recovering from some health issues and was unable to exercise like I had in the past. At the time, I wasn’t looking or feeling my best. I had seen the amazing results Charlotte had experienced from going to consistent Pure Barre classes, and I knew I had to give it a try! I started going to Pure Barre Virginia Beach and fell in love with the class and technique. I saw amazing changes in my body and for the first time since my illness, I felt like myself again.  In 2014, I moved and began going to the Savannah, GA studio. No matter what exercise I have tried in the past, I have never seen results in my body like I have seen with Pure Barre.

I recently got married and unfortunately am too far away from a Pure Barre studio to attend classes regularly. I knew I couldn’t live without Pure Barre, so I purchased the wall mounted barre from the website and had my contractors build a Pure Barre area in my home office so I can use my collection of Pure Barre DVDs at home.

You can move the girl away from the barre, but you can’t take the barre away from the girl!

Though I love my Pure Barre DVD spot at home, I will add that it is a whole lot easier to be motivated by the teachers at the studios than at home. I travel all over the country for work, and always try to find a studio when I travel. As of now, I have hit close to 20 studios around the U.S.

My advice to someone who is new to Pure Barre is to not doubt yourself. Jump in sticky socks first and go for it! You will be so amazed at how quickly your body changes and adapts. Plus, you will love the community of people who you are in the studio waiting to welcome you!

–          Madeleine H., Pure Barre Client

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