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5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

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Pure Barre Resolutions

Every December 31st, millions of people make a resolution to lose weight, eliminate an entire food group and organize life. While they have great intentions, only 8% actually keep their New Year’s Resolution.

Not all New Year’s Resolutions have to end in frustration–you CAN achieve your resolution! The secret is setting the best resolution that will help you achieve your goals in a reasonable way.

Here is our list of the top 5 New Year’s resolutions that you can actually keep throughout 2017:

1. Find a healthy way to manage stress.

Rather than managing stress through bingeing (on food, Netflix and more), use the mind-body connection in class to help you work through your stress. Find time to focus on just you–read a book, get a massage, hit the gym. Scheduling “you time” is always a great stress relief.

2. Perfect your stretch.

Stretching out your muscles is every bit as important as working them. At Pure Barre, we stretch after each section of class to lengthen out the muscles. Challenge yourself to perfect your form in the stretch parts of class with these 5 tips. Your muscles will thank you later.

3. Find a workout bestie.

Research shows that those with a workout bestie double their chances for meeting their fitness goals. Seek out a workout bestie who has similar goals, fitness interests and schedule as you do. You will gain accountability while building a wonderful friendship!

4. Set SMART goals.

Avoid the overly generalized resolutions such as “stay fit and healthy” or “exercise more” and make your goal more specific for 2017. Indicate how you will measure your goal and the tools you will need i.e. “I will reach my goal of being in the Pure Barre 100 club by taking 4 classes per week for 6 months and scheduling my classes in the Pure Barre App.”

5. Make fitness fun in 2017.

Working out should be fun–not a punishment. Create a workout routine that keeps things interesting and keeps you motivated. Life is just too short to hate your workouts.

Last but not least, don’t forget to write your resolution down! In January we’ll ask you to Set the Barre and share your goals with the Pure Barre community. Stay tuned for details.

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