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Get Ready for the 2017 Pure Barre Intensive Classes!

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pure barre 2017 intensives

Throughout 2017, you will see a variety of Intensives offered at your local studio.  We love Intensives because they provide our clients with the opportunity to take their workout to the next level and challenge themselves mentally and physically in new and exciting ways.

The intensive classes are designed for all levels.  Teachers lead you through all of the sections found in your signature Pure Barre class, and will provide you with opportunities throughout to modify or challenge yourself.  Don’t be afraid to take the challenge, but just as importantly don’t worry if you need to modify.

Similar to our 55-minute class, you’ll never do the same exact Intensive twice.  The additional work throughout will vary from previous Intensives, so don’t be afraid to attend one that you have done in the past!

Check out which intensives you may see at a studio near you in 2017!

Balance & Strength Intensive

This 75-minute class will provide challenges throughout to test your balance, increase your strength, and includes extra opportunities for stretching.

Bye Bye Inner Thighs Intensive

In case your thighs weren’t already yelling, “Hello” after your three thigh sprints, this 75-minute intensive has an added focus on the inner thighs to leave them feeling slender and strong.

Full Body Intensive

This intensive is 90 minutes (rather than 75) and has various challenges throughout the entire class to really kick things up a notch.

Hard Core Intensive

This intensive offers the Pure Barre total body experience with additional focus on your abs to challenge your core strength even more during these 75 minutes.

Lifted Seat Intensive

This 75-minute intensive will provide clients with exercises that have an additional focus on lifting your ledge, leaving you with a raised sculpted seat.

Plank Intensive

Planks, in any variation, challenge us mentally and physically.  This 75-minute intensive incorporates additional variations throughout to leave you feeling stronger and empowered.

Sculpted Arms Intensive

Do you ever wonder how it’s possible for three pound weights to feel so heavy? Allow yourself to challenge yourself even more while you sculpt your back and tone your arms in 75-minutes.

Slenderize Your Outer Thighs Intensive

Take advantage of extra seat work to taper your outer thigh area and tighten your waist in this 75-minute intensive.

Upper Body Intensive

This 75-minute intensive will incorporate additional work to sculpt your arms, chest and back.

Be sure to reach out to your local studio to find out when their intensive classes will be offered! 


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