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Courtney Shares Her First Pure Barre Class Experience, and How She Became Addicted

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Courtney Shares Her First Pure Barre Class Experience, and How She Became Addicted

Courtney is a busy mom and Director of Finance for a Fortune 500 Company. By taking 55 minutes to herself she was not only able to better herself, she also lost 55 pounds and 5 pant sizes!

I was invited to a friend’s house for a Halloween get together. We were all standing around the counter and two of her other friends made mention that a Pure Barre studio was opening up in Olive Branch and they were running a New Client Special for the first month. One month with unlimited classes for $100. They suggested that we all sign up and go. Having NO idea what Pure Barre was, I figured, “Sure, what the heck?!” and blindly agreed. A month of any form of workout was better than no workout at all right.

Fast forward to a month later, it was the first official class for the Pure Barre Olive Branch studio. I sat in the parking lot with that nervous feeling paired with a hint of excitement you get right as the safety bar locks you in tight just before the roller coaster ride takes off. It was go time and there was no turning back. I stood there in my newly purchased sticky socks like a deer in headlights as my instructor, Maria, spoke to me in foreign Pure Barre tongue providing a quick overview. The terms “tuck,” “heavy tailbone,” and “press hold” had my head spinning as the upbeat music boomed and the warm-up began. I started lifting my knees and kept thinking to myself, “Ok this warm-up isn’t so bad! I’ll sail through these 55 minutes, easy breezy!” And then it happened. The 90-second plank! Those 90 seconds felt like an eternity, most of which my body was spent on the floor rather than in proper plank position. The push-ups weren’t any prettier. I could barely do the knee assisted push-ups. Forget even attempting the full range four-count push-up. Had my instructor lost her ever lovin’ mind?

Minute-by-minute I literally felt as though I was hanging on for dear life. Maria kept calling out through her snazzy microphone, “You’re stronger than you think.” In that moment, that phrase was like a clanging cymbal ringing in my ear. I was frustrated, I couldn’t keep up, and I wasn’t stronger than I thought. I was weak and out of shape. End of story! Little did I know that phrase would soon become my life’s motto and push me farther than I ever thought possible.

As soon the class was over, I quickly picked up and put away my equipment trying to make as little eye contact with Maria or anyone else in the studio as possible. I bolted for the door leaving no room for chit-chat. I was hoping everyone would mistake the tears starting to fill my eyes and run down my face for sweat. I closed my car door, sat in the driver’s seat and cried like a baby. I felt defeated, embarrassed and downright stupid. What was I thinking by signing up? I would never be able to do a 90-second plank or full-range push-ups much less make it through the rest of the class with any kind of proper form. I was raising the white flag and throwing in my sticky socks after the FIRST class.

I will never forget what happened next. It’s one of those pivotal moments in life where self doubt takes a backseat and change begins. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the rear view mirror and the phrase, “You’re stronger than you think”, swept across my mind. I heard that phrase echo over and over again until the tears dried up. I looked straight into my reflection in the rear view mirror and said out loud, “You are not raising the white flag OR throwing in the towel after one class. You are not going to let your insecurities control you anymore. And you will not let frustration of a new type of workout get the better of you.” A fire sparked deep down inside of me after that and I never looked back. I made a commitment driving home that night to attend at least three classes a week during that first month. And I fulfilled that commitment.

When that first month ended, I signed up for the Six Months Unlimited Package. Each class I began pushing myself harder and harder. I even set small goals for myself each week. One was to hold that plank for the full 90 seconds and not dare drop to my knees. Another was to do at least half of the full range push-ups rather than relying solely on the knee push-ups. Class after class and goal after goal I was proving to myself that I was stronger than I thought. I started seeing my hard work paying off.

I just celebrated my one year Pure Barre Anniversary and my journey continues. I’m a member of the 100 Club, and have lost 55 pounds and 5 pant sizes. I attend classes 5 to 6 days a week. I jumped on the Platform bandwagon the day our studio introduced it. If I’m out of town, I attend the local Pure Barre studio. And I continue to tell myself, “You are stronger than you think.”

Pure Barre has taught me that it’s ok to take 55 minutes out of my busy day, and to press the pause button on juggling the duties of a wife, a mom, a boss, a daughter and a friend to focus on just me which in return has made me a better wife, mom, boss, daughter and friend!

-Courtney Y., client at Pure Barre Olive Branch

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