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5 Ways to Up Your Pure Barre Strong

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Pure Barre 90-second Plank

It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

Have you heard that Pure Barre gets even harder once you’ve been taking classes for a while? For any newbie, that might seem scary, but that’s the beauty of the technique. You are always challenged, and if you’re not, that’s the sign to dig deeper into the layers of your workout. If you think you’ve hit a plateau, dive into our five ways to up your Pure Barre and treat every class as a new opportunity to challenge your body.

1. Acknowledge & Break Your Bad Habits

Bad habits come in all different forms. Here’s some common ones:

  • Showing up a few minutes late / leaving a few minutes early
  • Dropping your arms during weight work
  • Hovering above your shake zone
  • Zoning out during seat work
  • Coming out of your Final Ten at 7 or 8
  • Letting tension creep up into your shoulders
  • Rushing through the end of class

Not sure what yours is? Ask your teacher for some advice! We love to help you identify areas of improvement (and also tell you all the things you’re rocking!).

Find Your Pure Barre Shake

2. Find Your Shake as Quickly as Possible

As a veteran client, you understand how to isolate your muscles, but now it’s time to dig in. YOU are in charge of finding your shake; Don’t wait for it to find you! For example: If you’re in thigh work and really feeling the burn, but the shake hasn’t quite kicked in yet, take a breath and sink an inch deeper. That inch could be the breaking point for your muscles, taking them from tired to exhausted–your goal every single time!

Throughout class, pay extra attention to your teacher’s cues. Even if you think you’re nailing the position, take it seriously each time. You might find that you actually CAN get your leg a little straighter and you CAN press your heels up higher to finish. These little details are big contributors to your shake and how quickly, and consistently, you feel changes in your body.

3. Re-Energize Your Stretches

Do you often skip the split after thighs or skim through the end stretch? We’re all guilty at times, but the stretch sections are incredibly important every single class. Come back to the basic foundation of Pure Barre–first you strengthen then you lengthen. If you stay on the surface or inside your comfort zone, then that’s exactly where your results will land, too. Take the time to hold your stretches fully and deeply. Make the most of every second!

Make the most of your stretch.

4. Stop Yourself from Stopping

Be stronger than your excuses–keep going no matter what! It’s always better to come up an inch or take a modification before you totally give up. Remember breaking your form means breaking your progress. Your body will continue to surprise you and before you know it, you’ll be able to take on more and more during class!

5. Continue to Set Goals

Goals aren’t just for beginners! Level up by finding new opportunities to challenge yourself. Whether your goal is mental or physical, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities to grow in your Pure Barre technique and results. Define it. Write it down. Think about it at the start of each class (hello 90 seconds of plank!). Share it with your studio community and let them support you. Set the barre as high as you’re willing to go… and then an inch higher!

Kat Collins is a former Pure Barre National Brand Ambassador who works in health and wellness marketing. She lives in a New York state of mind while  LTB’ing around her hometown of Chicago.


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