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To Pure Barre Clients Everywhere

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Dear Clients,

It’s you. It has always been you. You have made Pure Barre who we are today. Because of you, communities of strong, motivating women (and men) exist across the nation. You show up day in and day out and inspire us to raise our barre to your standards.

It’s no secret our clients inspire us on a daily basis. Each studio has its own undying love for its clients, so we asked a few of our owners and teachers to share their stories about why they love their communities.

Katilin Vandura, Owner at Pure Barre Columbus Circle, Union Square, Upper East Side, Southampton

Our Pure Barre community is one in a million, seriously. These gals and guys are so inspirational. New York City is a densely populated area, however it is quite transient and can feel very lonely at times. Our clients have made our studios a home base, a safe place where they will always find a friendly face, where they know each others name, and where they can focus on their physical and emotional health.


Catherine Helm, Teacher at Pure Barre Columbus Circle, Union Square, Upper East Side, Southampton

Our studio was brand new and had only been open for a few weeks. One client in particular was new to Pure Barre, but had been so diligent in her attendance that I had seen her every day since opening. “This is for you,” she said, handing me a “Kind” bar. “You’ve been so ‘kind’ to me, I wanted to pay it forward. I really love coming here.” It was a very significant moment for me in my Pure Barre career. Her small act of kindness highlighted the importance of the community that Pure Barre creates, and I knew then that our new studio was upholding the values that had first drawn me to this workout as a client in 2012.

Shelbye Ortale, Owner of Pure Barre Chicago River North & Pure Barre Chicago Streeterville

I love the fact that our studio is a forum where we are in contact with literally thousands of people–both clients and team members–and we can have such a positive effect on their lives, but even more, they can have such a positive effect on our lives. It’s a raw and true expression of community that I could not be more grateful for and will never take for granted. Relationships, people and well-being are cornerstones to a full life; our clients create all of these.shelbyeo_quotexl

Sarah Lund, Manager of Pure Barre Chicago River North Streeterville

There was one afternoon recently where I was getting ready to teach my 4th class of the day, and I was feeling incredibly tired. A new client came in to take class; I greeted her, got her settled, and as I was speaking with her, she shared that she had recently lost over 300 pounds and had multiple surgeries. She was there to try Pure Barre so she could be strong enough to take care of and carry her husband, who has MS and is currently in a wheelchair. It was at that moment that any negative or tired feelings I was having about teaching left me completely, and I remembered that I needed to show up for the clients in the room because you never know what they are going through. Our client’s openness and bravery to share her story inspires me to always remember that those 55 minutes are not about you as a teacher, but the amazing clients and their goal to get stronger.

Without you, each studio wouldn’t be where it is today. The love of Pure Barre runs deep–it spans cities, states, and countries. Thank you for being you.

Happy Valentines Day to our one true love-you.

Love always,
Pure Barre

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