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Pure Barre Benefits: The Mind + Body Connection

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The Pure Barre Mind Body Connection

At Pure Barre, class is more than just a workout–it is a dedicated 55 minutes to yourself. You leave the studio feeling relaxed, accomplished, and energized for the rest of the day. And while we love the physical benefit to our bodies from some time in the Pure Barre studio–you can’t forget about those benefits you feel but can’t always see. It’s no secret that clients tout the positive results to their emotional and mental well-being. Afterall, studies show that regular exercise can decrease stress, decrease memory loss and boost your mood.

Every tuck, pulse, and inch performed in class presents a physical challenge by working each and every tiny muscle in your body. Our technique is unique, but it’s also intentional–teachers give you step-by-step instructions and guidance to focus on the muscle you are working. Rather than demonstrate in the middle of the room, instruction is such that your teacher will help you refine your technique with hands-on corrections. As a client, that means you can focus on the teacher’s voice, the instruction, and close your eyes to work deeper in class.

The concentration and focus required to take a Pure Barre class gives you 55 minutes to focus on nothing else but truly be present for each second. The to-do list goes to the back of your mind while you slip into a meditative state. It’s nearly impossible to dwell on life’s challenges while in class when your attention is diverted 100% of the time to perfecting each exercise and staying in position.

The added benefit? You build a stronger mind-body connection and become further aware of your body. Check stress and your to-do list at the door–those 55 minutes are only for YOU.

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