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Lose Yourself in the Music

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Have you ever imagined taking a Pure Barre class without any music? Silence is very powerful. It allows for us to sort out our thoughts, make decisions, and come up with new ideas. There’s a good chance that silence during a Pure Barre class would take our mind down a different path. “Oh my goodness, I can not do this.” “What am I going to make for dinner?” “Wait, what did I do to this teacher do to deserve this?!”

The music during class provides you with a perfect distraction from fatigue and the outside world. It elevates your mood, increases your endurance, and allows for you to find your mind-body connection. The songs are not meant to be background music, but instead they are carefully chosen for each section of class in order to provide you with your best workout. When you synchronize your movements with the music, you allow yourself to tune in to what you are working and tune out everything else.

Working out can sometimes feel tiresome and redundant. You already know that two Pure Barre classes will never be exactly the same, though you will find that the exercises become quite familiar to you. With each class, you begin to understand each position and the subtle differences in each that provide you with the chance to engage your muscles in a slightly different way. And, the music gives you the platform to focus the mind in ways that drive you deeper into the technique.

Embrace the opportunity to take your body through the familiar positions. Each time you do them, try to find ways to challenge yourself more. Maybe you stay in the position the entire time or find a deeper version of the position. Allow yourself to get stronger, both mentally and physically. Your mind is going to give up before your body will–the music will be there for you to get lost and continue to take each class to a whole new level.

–   Written by Danielle Cote. Danielle is the Training Operations Manager at Pure Barre Headquarters and a Master Teacher Trainer. She has been teaching Pure Barre since 2011. She loves sweets, dance and traveling. 


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