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Changing the Fitness Transformation Conversation

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Fitness is a lifestyle; it is a continuous journey. It’s more than the before and after pictures we see on Instagram and blogs. These external transformations are something to be proud of, however they do not depict the internal transformations we experience when we commit, whole-heartedly, to lead a balanced life. Try to remember these three things while on your fitness journey in addition to the physical results.

1. Wellness is a Daily To Do

Fitness is reflected in the choices you make. Alas, there is no cruise control button or start and stop button. It is up to you to remain disciplined in the decisions you make each day. Equip yourself with tools to make the right choices–stock your cupboards with nourishing food, surround yourself with active, intelligent friends and family, and designate at least 30 minutes to YOU time–whether you’re exercising, reading, or meditating.

2. Fitness Should Be Enjoyable

Don’t torture yourself doing workouts or activities that you don’t enjoy. Workouts are not a chore; they are a choice. You know yourself best, so stop with the “shoulds” or “have-tos’” and find an activity that you not only enjoy, but actually look forward to.

3. Fitness is a Transformative Journey

Fitness creates sustainable transformations for the mind, body, and spirit. It will ebb and flow with each chapter of your life. But, no matter what, it takes time, commitment, motivation, and determination. And with this comes mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. The journey is always evolving, but so are the benefits.

Your ‘Before and After’ picture will be different each day. Try not to get too hung up on one goal. Instead focus on each day and commit yourself to a healthful, enjoyable life.


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