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Your local studio owner is more than just a smiling face. We handpick each owner with care and consideration, ensuring that each embodies the Pure Barre lifestyle. Behind every smile is a story, and we want you to get to know our incredible family.

Pure Barre Owner Story

After graduating I moved to my favorite place in the world and our family vacation spot, 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  It is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world.  I loved my new home but the only thing missing was Pure Barre. I’m a very determined person-once I make up my mind, there’s no turning back.  I was set on bringing a Pure Barre to my paradise and sharing this incredible workout with our little beach town.  I was 23 when I opened my 30a studio and I opened my second location 6 months ago in Destin, FL.

– Ashley Singleton, Owner of Pure Barre 30A-Santa Rosa Beach and Pure Barre Destin
Pure Barre Owner Story NYC

When my husband was transferred to New York City I decided there was no way I could move without Pure Barre (there wasn't one here yet) and applied to start a franchise with my business partner, Leslie Thallemer.

– Kaitlin Vandura, Owner of Pure Barre NYC - Upper West Side, Pure Barre NYC - Union Square, Pure Barre NYC - Upper East Side, Pure Barre Southampton, NY

I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and I worked hard in college for 7 years, however I found myself missing something in my career. My passion for Pure Barre and teaching fitness continued to grow as I worked full time. I decided I wanted to change my path from opening my own Physical Therapy clinic to opening a Pure Barre studio.

– Katie Moscovitch, Owner of Pure Barre Lake Norman Birkdale and Lake Norman Mooresville

I have a law degree and I pursued that for a while, but it wasn’t a good match for my personality. I’m active and I love working with people. I love having different facets to my job. I feel that I really understand the complexity of women’s relationships with exercise and with their bodies, and my main goal is to create an environment where people can see results but would also feel included. My studios have no pretentiousness or attitude. It’s just a great community.

– Rachel Roberts

Out of the many things that I love about Pure Barre, one thing that sticks out to me are the results women see in their bodies.  Since I was first introduced to this incredible technique back in 2009, I have seen so many women shrink in front of my eyes!  Even though I love seeing different women of a variety of ages, fitness backgrounds, shapes & sizes I didn't have to look far to experience one -- my mom! We opened up Pure Barre Hudson back in November 2012 and she was at my very first class taught there.  5 1/2 months later she reached her 100th class.  Pure Barre has truly been a life change!  She went from a size 10 (having a personal trainer & running on the treadmill 3 miles every other day) to a size 4 in 2 1/2 months.  She was always fairly confident in herself, but since the results she has seen with Pure Barre her self-esteem has skyrocketed! Just being able to experience this in my mom (at the age of 57, I must add), has been such a blessing in my life.  I couldn't be more proud of her! Pure Barre (ALWAYS) = results!!

– Meredith Davis

I fell in love with the workout and culture. The fact that I love what I do is so gratifying. When Sunday night rolls around, I don't sit there and dread starting my week all over again.  It's work; that's for sure. But, most days, it doesn't feel like I'm working. All of this feels so meant to be.

– Marni Chaikin

When I took my first class, I was at a crossroads in my life – I was looking for something meaningful for my career. Pure Barre was absolutely the perfect fit for me – it was like the missing piece of a puzzle. My favorite thing about being an owner (and about Pure Barre in general) is the fact that I get to be part of positive change in the lives of others. I can’t imagine my Pure Barre experience without my amazing clients and my hardworking staff and it is always my pleasure to see their strength and confidence transform with Pure Barre. Not everyone can say that they get to help and change other people’s lives every single day, so it is pretty amazing that my job allows me to do this. I also love how unexpected each day is. My life is anything but monotonous and boring. Every day brings something new and exciting.

– Emily Johnson

My favorite part of being a studio owner is the ability to touch people's lives on a daily basis...both the clients and staff.  I get my satisfaction in life from supporting other people and their goals.  Pure Barre allows an environment of growth for both the staff and clients.

– Rashanna Moss-Lowry

I loved everything about the technique from the very beginning - the way my own body changed, the amazing women I met, the way the technique keeps evolving and is never the same class twice. I was addicted from my first class!  I have the most rewarding job in the world.  I have formed so many wonderful relationships with people, seen so many amazing transformations in women inside and out, watched women grow in confidence right in front of my eyes from Pure Barre having such a positive effect on their lives. It's about the clients from the second they walk into the door to leave their troubles behind and let us take care of them for an entire hour - empowering others to discover things inside themselves they didn't know were possible inside the studio and in their daily lives.  It truly is so much more than a workout.

– Allison Weyand

I love seeing the individual results, and experiencing the joy that comes from transforming people’s lives for the better. I also enjoy the pride of ownership that comes from running a high-quality business that exceeds the expectations of my clients in every possible way, and allows me to make meaningful contributions to the community. I love watching my clients gain confidence in their appearance and seeing them achieve their hopes and dreams. I love the fact that in addition to all these benefits to my clients, there are also substantial financial rewards that come from owning a Pure Barre studio.

– Annie Locke

I was so impressed with the Pure Barre technique, the amazing communities Pure Barre created with clients, as well as the smart and strong group of owners that I just had to open my own studio. After being a pharmacist for the last decade, this is first time in my adult working life that I truly understand what it is like to be passionate about what I do, so work doesn't feel like work…

– Kiersten Kemp