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How Pure Barre Saved my Hips & Knees

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“I had already accepted the fact that I could not run anymore, and that my knees would swell any time I exercise. After 16 years of being a gym rat and teaching all sorts of high impact classes, I believed it to be a consequence of my choices. Having studied exercise science and physio therapy, I knew I had major muscular imbalances, but somehow could not ‘treat’ myself, and was too fearful and proud to consult a doctor. I was afraid of what I would hear…knee replacement, hip replacement, no exercise. So I sold most of my high heels (wearing heels always made my knees swell and hips ache), opted for walking instead of running, did shorter and less intense Yoga classes, and stopped doing squats or lunges in my classes. Eventually I retired from teaching classes; my body just did not like me for it anymore.

Before Pure Barre, I did it all; Kickboxing, running, jumping, athletic styles of Yoga, strength conditioning, squats, lunges, dance, spinning, Pilates…and loved it all. But my knees and hips got tighter and achier with every workout. My larger muscles got stronger, and my smaller muscles, the stabilizers, got weaker. I adjusted as much as possible, and my quality of life definitely decreased. I was used to feeling strong and fit, able to do anything I wanted. The worst part – after each dance party in heels (one of my favorite things to do!) – I had swollen knees for days and had to ice and rest.

When I discovered Pure Barre in June 2012, I was E-lated! After a few workouts, I could already tell how much my imbalances started to correct themselves. The Pure Barre method is so smart and well rounded; the exercises strengthened my weaknesses, and lengthened my overly strong muscles around hips and knees. The leg and hip exercises vary in each Pure Barre class, so that every part gets a little loving. The stretches remain the same, and really made a great difference in my mobility and joint stability.

Now, at almost 36 years old, I feel younger and stronger than I have in a loooong time. I can wear heels again and dance all night if I want to! I can enjoy other activities again that I had let go before. My Yoga practice is way stronger and feels even better. I can take my husband’s spinning classes again if I want to, and even jog around whenever I feel like it. My knees still talk to me at times, but if I had to put a number on it, I would I say they feel 75% better because of Pure Barre. And that is reason for a dance party. In heels.

So if you too have aches and pains in your hips and knees, I’ve got great news for you: give Pure Barre a try! Listen to your body and do the exercises at an intensity that works for you. I can now do things that seemed painful and impossible in the beginning, with great ease. And not only that, Pure Barre makes me feel so much better than any other workout ever has. I so appreciate Pure Barre for that!”



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