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Pure Barre on the Road – My #PureBarreLife

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We sure put a lot of pressure on ourselves each year. Summer is coming, and instead of embracing longer days, pleasure, and play time, we call it “bikini season” and obsess about not being fit/skinny/perfect enough.

I used to think like that too. I felt like crap, and even though I was in great shape (looking back), I did not enjoy myself as much as I do now. Focusing on how we look also comes with fear of maintaining it, over-thinking every bite, and stressing when we cannot exercise. So today, I am writing not to tell you how to stay fit over the summer. I am writing to you about what inspires me to move my body, and why I also move when I travel.

I am a very headsy person. I spend lots of time thinking, contemplating, and problem-solving. That is the fun in being a life coach. I am always looking for a better feeling point of view, another way of looking at things. Too much of anything disturbs well-being. I exercise to take a break from thinking, to get out of my head and into my body. And I love forms of exercise that I am inspired to attend, instead of having to motivate myself to do so. That is why I love PB.

I replaced my focus on looking a certain way with a focus on inner peace. When we travel, there are so many unknown factors, and so many new and exciting experiences. That sometimes causes me to feel ungrounded, to miss my routine, and to lose connection with my inner peace. So I got real with myself. How do I really want to feel when I travel? I want to be present, feel alive, open, connected, and inspired. My personal solution: Get out of my head, into my body, and ultimately back to my intention.

PB satisfies all aspects for me. So I travel with the PB DVDs. Last year, I surprised my parents in Germany. They live in a small village, and the next gym is 25 minutes away. It was cold and rainy, not great conditions to move outside. And they wanted as much time with me as possible, as we hardly get face time. So the 35 minute DVD followed by meditation really kept me grounded and connected and focused on my intention. It also helped me to stay in my adult version vs. the little girl that often comes back out when we are around our family for a few days.

So I invite you to dig deep into what inspires you to move.

Go beyond the fears and find a reason why you love to exercise. What is it gifting you besides a great bod? When we find that inspiration, it becomes a no-brainer to make it a lifestyle, an everyday habit. And that also means taking it on the road, wherever we go. I would love to know what really inspires you!!!

We do not have to feed the fears and buy into the “bikini season” pressure. Find a way to change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will organically change (paraphrased Wayne Dyer Quote). It shall serve you on all the great risks you take, changes you go though, and challenges you face. Exercise shall be one of your anchors to stabilize you.

Pure Barre, yoga, meditation, and prayer are some of mine.

My wish for you is that you connect to your inner peace and remember to connect to it daily by doing what reminds you of its presence.

It goes with you wherever you go.

“True discipline is really just self-remembering; no forcing or fighting is necessary.” ― Charles Eisenstein

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