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Pure Barre vs Other Exercises

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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi

I would love to share with you my personal experiences with other exercise forms and what I love about Pure Barre that I have not found anywhere else. In the last 17 years, I have always been on the hunt for the next great trend, the next fun piece of equipment, and the next new way of training. I really appreciate all trainers, experts, and sports medicine geniuses out there, that pour their sweat and passion into designing and creating all these different training modalities for the world to play with and feel good with. I am glad there is so much variety, so that we shall all find what gives us that little OOMF for life.

I used to teach classes, take classes, and tried pretty much anything. Here is how I felt for most of it: I had to ‘pump myself up’ to go work out. It took energy and motivation to get there, because the only thing that motivated me, was how I was going to look and feel afterwards. Very few classes actually felt fun during. I looked at the clock. A lot. The only time I had fun exercising, is when I taught a class myself. What I love about Pure Barre is that I am inspired to go. I look forward to going and seeing friends and smiling faces, to experiencing the positive energy in the studio, to the music that always makes me want to breaking out into a tucking dance party, and to the moves that challenge me without making me want to run out the door.

I also remember always struggling with intense hunger, feeling like I needed to spend lots of energy thinking about what I eat all day before a workout, so that I would have enough energy to make it through. And afterwards I often felt hungry like a bear. What I love about Pure Barre is that it allows me to eat the way I like, I don’t feel like I need to eat mountains to support my energy levels, I don’t need to spend much time thinking about it, and my energy levels and hunger cycles feel way more natural now that I have a form of exercise that is so complete and well-rounded, and all in one hour!

EEEEK, I also remember being nervous before going to exercise classes before-will I be able to keep up? Will I be able to do this – the jumping, the push-ups, the drills….? The trend has been in the last years, to always have a lot of variety, and to always challenge yourself in new ways. To be honest, I did not like not knowing what is going to happen or how hard it is going to be. Sometimes the workouts were impossibly hard, and sometimes way too easy. At Pure Barre, I know what I can expect, and love seeing improvement through repetition. I really appreciate consistency and the small variations in each class that keep my brain stimulated. It is the perfect blend of repetition and newness.

Having worked as a holistic coach in gyms for most my adult life, I am really over the gym atmosphere. It no longer feels good to me, and I am all about feeling good. That is another reason I love going to Pure Barre: for the aesthetics and atmosphere. It reminds me of a yoga studio energy. It feels peaceful, vibrant, exciting, clean, and comforting for me at Pure Barre. It might be exactly one year ago that I started Pure Barre, and I am more fired up about it than when I started. That has NEVER happened to me before. Eventually I got bored and started looking for something new. And I love feeling feminine during a workout. Everything I have done in the past except for pilates, nia, dance, or barre, has made me feel somewhat aggressive and masculine in energy. What I want more, is to soften and to embrace my femininity. I want my workout to support that desire. PB makes me feel long and graceful. I feel empowered by it.

I have seen results doing P90X, Body Pump, Turbo Kick and all that fun stuff, and I learned a lot from all of it. But I had to really dig deep to make myself train that way. I know I can, and am not interested in proving anything to myself anymore. I was looking for something less impact, more fun, and more targeted to my body’s needs. The results I keep getting from Pure Barre blow my mind. My body looks and feels better now (in my opinion, which I think is all that counts) than it did when I taught classes every day, ran, or did anything else. And all that without fear, hunger, boredom, needing motivation, or any kind of force.

I love going there, love how I feel during, and love the results I keep getting. THAT, to me, is why I keep choosing PB over everything else. My hope for anybody is that you shall find something that inspires you like this, that makes you feel good, forget about your troubles, gives you strength, grace, and tone so you feel good about your body, and is something you look forward to as much as I do. Maybe Pure Barre will do it for you too.

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