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My Pure Barre Ritual

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pure barre ritual

By: Pure Barre Enthusiast, Elli

“We become what we repeatedly do.” ― Sean Covey

I am a big fan of rituals. We all have them. They either elevate us, or lead us further away from our dream life. We are creatures of habit and find comfort and stability in things we repeatedly do. I have definitely fallen into habits in the past that did not serve me. And to walk my walk, I have become more aware of what I am doing and how it affects me and those around me. Where do I want to be, and how can I get there while feeling happy and free?

Pure Barre has become a positive habit in my life. Life is chaotic; I serve lots of people on a daily basis as a Holistic Life Coach. I hold lots of space for people’s healing, goals, and journeys. And then I have my own path, dramas, and challenges at times. Pure Barre life gives me comfort in the chaos. The consistency of quality in the classes is medicine for my soul.

My drive to class has become another ritual; I call my mom in Germany. We always talk about our joys and all the exciting things in our lives, so by the time I arrive at Pure Barre, I feel grounded, loved, and connected. After class, I habitually stroll through the nearby Whole Foods, or wobble, depending on if we used the double tubes… After a great workout, I always feel inspired to make delicious and nutritious meals.

So I grab a coffee and some yumminess, usually have great conversations with some random person between the vegetables and coffee bar.

My drive home has become my time to reflect. Pure Barre releases all my physical need to move, and my mind starts to slow down. I shut off the radio and contemplate. We have a beautiful bridge here in Charleston, and it is a magical view over our holy city. I give thanks.

These two hours have become sacred to me and I look forward to this ritual several days a week. We would love to know what you do before and after class to elevate yourself!


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