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My Pure Barre Sisterhood

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“Because there’s one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood.”
― Robin Benway

A few days ago I got to take my two soul sisters to Pure Barre. I have been waiting for that for over a year. One of us lives far away and travels the world as a talented Yoga teacher and published author. So for the three of us to finally tuck together – I could not stop smiling.

I remember a time during which I did not trust women, felt insecure, judged, competitive, or disconnected. Moving to the states made that even worse. I felt like that item in Sesame Street ‘one of these items does not belong here’. Of course that was all inside of me; stories I made up, things I did not communicate, and my own insecurities projected onto others. And then I met Ashley. We developed a friendship that goes way beyond my wildest imaginations. We bond over our strong passion for life, for finding ways to love more, to grow more, and to give more. A few years later, Kathryn came into our lives and it was love at first sight. We all are real with each other, vulnerable, honest, and authentic in our conversations no matter how long it has been. We support each other’s dreams and adventures, and celebrate our milestones. There is no jealousy, comparison, competition, gossiping, backstabbing, or holding back feelings. And that is magic. It is rare, and I cherish every moment. When one of us has great news, we are genuinely happy for each other, instead of feeling envy. When one of us is down and out, we listen and trust instead of telling each other what to do or trying to rescue the other. We may not always like the other’s choices, and we unconditionally love each other. And when one of us is on fire about something, we all are game to try it out.

Kathryn is passionate about skydiving, so we all took a trip and jumped with her. She is one of the coolest chicks you’ll ever meet, and everything that comes out of her mouth cracks us up. She is a great cook and on a mission to help people to aim true in life. Ashley inspires us by living so fully and optimistic, we cannot help but be elevated by this bright lifestyle consultant. She thinks of 10 genius ideas before breakfast, and has the ability to make things happen, and always points Kat and me into a new and more exiting direction. The three of us in our own ways dream of a world in that women feel good about themselves, pursue their dreams and passions, and respect and support each other.

So during class as I look over at my two giggling soul sisters, I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude. With the two of them on my side, I feel as though I have magical superpowers and that anything and everything is possible

Who is in your inner circle and have you LTB’d together yet? We would love to hear about your special friendships!

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