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Bring On the Men!

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bring on the men

Last week, Pure Barre Beverly Hills hosted its first “Bring on the Men!” class. We showed up to a packed house consisting of equal numbers of women excited for their guys to understand how intense Pure Barre truly is, and men who had NO idea what they were about to get themselves into. Kelsey, the owner of the studio, taught an incredible class. The studio was full of energy and a newfound appreciation for the technique.

Here are a few tips for the men out there thinking of giving Pure Barre a shot:

• You’re going to feel ridiculous when you’re 2 minutes into the warm-up, ready to call it quits, and there are women all around you hitting every move without skipping a beat.

• Invest in Pure Barre sticky socks – you’ll thank me later.

• Push yourself. It’s an amazing feeling to get to the final 10 counts of an exercise, and makes the fact that your thighs feel like they’re on fire totally worth it.

• Be mindful that it is a full body workout. Focus on the instructions for each section and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Maximize that hour of your day.

• Be prepared to be humbled. Your first class will not be easy, and the second class may be even tougher, but it is worth it. The best part about Pure Barre is there’s always a new challenge – just when your body is getting used to the moves, the teachers will introduce new exercises to keep each class fresh and exciting.

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