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The Story of Michelle Accetta: Pure Barre Teacher & Leukemia Fighter!

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The first time I met Michelle was back in January at our local Starbucks for an interview.  Right away I knew she had exactly what I was looking for in a Pure Barre instructor.  It is always a special moment in life when you meet someone that has energy, positivity and kindness you know want more of it.  Michelle possessed a quiet confidence and her enthusiasm towards exercise and fitness was apparent.

Michelle knew very little about Pure Barre, but was eager to start learning. She quickly fell in love with the technique and began the training process.  I received emails, phone calls and texts daily asking more specifics about each exercise because she wanted to make sure she had perfect form in the technique.  She began teaching and picked it up very quickly, she taught like a seasoned Barre-ista from her very first class.

Michelle has taught a lot of exercise in the area and has a large following of loyal clients.  Although we were busy that first week, we had no idea her clients would fill up each and every one of the classes she taught.  They often said whatever Michelle is teaching we will be there, everyone desired to work to be as fit as she herself is.  We all wanted and worked hard for those amazing “Michelle arms.”

The second week after our opening Michelle taught her normal 6 am class and had not been feeling one hundred percent for a week or so and she finally went to the doctor.  Turns out she had life threatening anemia and was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML,very aggressive acute form).  She started chemotherapy the next day and the fight began.  All we thought was who teaches exercise the day they receive a diagnosis like this, Michelle does!  We knew there was going to be a lot of fight in Michelle and Leukemia’s “seat” did not stand a chance.

The amount of love, prayer and support that has gone her way has been absolutely amazing and makes me feel even luckier to have her as a part of our Pure Barre LKN family.  Fund raisers began immediately, care packages, cards and anything else you could imagine was going on to support her.  The Made with Love bracelets most Pure Barre attendees have come to know and love were purchased in special orange, the color for Leukemia, and quickly sold out to raise $1000 for Michelle and her cause.

Michelle’s family has told us they have frequently found her tucking in her hospital bed.  She has been reviewing her classes so she won’t forget and has still even texted me questions about form through all of this treatment.  Best news possible this past week and Michelle is winning the battle!!! Like Leukemia even had a chance, and Michelle is on the road to recovery!  She will be returning home very soon and we know as soon as possible she will quickly return to her new found love, Pure Barre!

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