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Barre Cocktails: Drink your way to energy

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Tired of always turning to coffee for energy or maybe you are trying to wean yourself off of soda but don’t like coffee? Here are a couple of my favorite healthy energy boosting drinks!

  1. Lemon/Turmeric/Cinnamon Water: Fresh lemons squeezed in water can be extremely potent on its on but if you want to kick it up a bit try adding some turmeric and cinnamon power to the mix! Turmeric is great for managing inflammation and cinnamon helps regulate sugar levels in the body. If you are up for a little morning spice, add some cayenne pepper. This amazing cocktail will give you long lasting energy without the crash!
  2. Green Tea: The benefits of green tea are endless! Have a cup to not just give yourself an energy boost but also to boost your metabolism and help protect your body against several chronic diseases!
  3. Green Smoothies with Maca root and Bee Pollen: Taking a fruit smoothie and adding Spinach or Kale immediately increases it nutritional value and provides an excellent energy. However, there are other ingredients that you can add to smoothies to help boost energy levels even further! Here are 2 of the ones I find most effective:
    • Maca Root: this Peruvian root has been used for centuries as a non-caffeinated way to increase energy. Maca is a great source of B-12 and all the B vitamins.  Maca can be bought as a powder and mixed into smoothies!
    • Bee Pollen: this tiny little food contains an unbelievable amount of nutrients! It has been shown to help with numerous health conditions in addition to significantly increasing energy levels! In my opinion the best place to buy bee pollen is at a local famer’s market. Bee pollen that is local to your area has additional benefits such as helping with allergies! Purchase bee pollen in granules and drop a couple into your smoothie!

Try one of these before heading to the barre and you will be amazed at how much more energy you have!!

 – Dana Ryan has a PhD in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness as well as a Master’s in Kinesiology and a certificate in Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness and Performance. She currently teaches and conducts research at two universities in Los Angeles. Dana’s passion is to help others improve their life and health through exercise and nutrition!

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