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Transforming My Body From The Inside Out!

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Pure Barre Enthusiast, Laura Hall, tells us how her life is better at the barre.

My Pure Barre Journey….

558!  YES, MY NUMBER and COUNTING!  It is so hard to believe that such a short time ago I attended my first Pure Barre class!  I remember that day vividly because it was a day that ROCKED my world forever!  I knew during my first class that I had FINALLY found the perfect workout that my body had been CRAVING!  I used to jump from one workout to another….investing in group exercise at gyms, purchasing all types of Zumba tapes, Beach Body DVDs, Dancing DVDs and Yoga DVDs … you name it, and I hav

Before Pure Barre

Before Pure Barre

e it!  What I was missing was the workout that would challenge me EVERY DAY.  One that was the TOTAL BODY workout.

The Pure Barre technique, and attending class on a regular basis, has transformed my body from the INSIDE OUT.  When I started taking Pure Barre classes I was 49 years old, had high cholesterol, and my triglycerides were through the ROOF!  I also felt plagued with an incredible amount of body fat throughout my body – arms, legs, neck, back and stomach! But I knew immediately after experiencing that first “SHAKE” in every area of my body that I had found the answer.

Fast forward to 558 classes later and I am thrilled with the NEW ME!  I would have to say the best transformation from the INSIDE OUT is the change of needing to take cholesterol medicine.  I was on two different medicines when I started taking Pure Barre classes.   Around my 200th class, I had my normal blood work checkup and my Doctor was amazed at my numbers.  She said that they were so great that she was going to take me off of one of the medicines I was on.  Curiously she wanted to know what I had been doing!  I was so proud at that time because I had already dropped 2 sizes in my clothing.  She indicated that for every size you drop you are losing 5-10 pounds of fat.  This so resonated with me.

After Pure Barre

After Pure Barre

As soon as I got in the car, I immediately called Annie Locke [Pure Barre Louisville, KY owner] and shared my incredible news!  I was so overwhelmed and thankful for her having opened the Pure Barre Louisville studio and for me finding her!  I also shared with Annie that it was GAME ON for the rest of my life. I still had one medicine that I needed to be off of and the within the following three months I was completely off all medicines. I have been off these medications well over a year now.  Words really cannot explain the freedom one feels from never having to take these types of medicines.

Being off the cholesterol medicines was a life changer, but as I continued on my Pure Barre journey, my body started to take on a completely new transformation.  I continued to drop dress sizes, loose fat and finally the MUSCLE that I was building during each class began to show on the outside!  In total, I’ve transformed from a size 10/12 to a size 2/4!  I’ve lost over 70” all around my body.  Overall, I have lost over 25 pounds, but I share that with trepidation.  I have learned through this journey not to be a “scale junkie,” but that as you build MUSCLE, your weight will be higher.  It’s really all about body fat.

With that said, I am continuing to set goals for each month and in each class.  What are my new goals for my next 500 Pure Barre classes?  Continuing to reduce my body fat, increase my lean muscle and continue to improve my technique in class!  I’m never afraid of the “SHAKE!”  I make each second of class count!  If I’m not shaking right away, I work until I get there in each exercise.  Pure Barre has been such a LIFE CHANGER – GAME CHANGER.  I can’t imagine my life without it and I am so thankful that I walked into that first class.  I can hardly wait to see my transformation during my next 500 classes at the barre.

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