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Something I Thought I Had Lost

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Laura Brinkman

Before I found Pure Barre, I was feeling defeated. Years of disliking my body was beginning to feel like a part of my identity – and I wanted that to change. After starting to work full time while also attending graduate school full time, I put on another 20 pounds. I remember thinking, “A fit body was just going to be for other people, it would never be for me.” I felt hopeless on how to change it. Thankfully, however, God put Pure Barre right in my path (literally!) It is about a 1 minute drive from my office building, and I was passing it everyday on my way to work.

I decided to take a chance – and that first class I was majorly intimidated. But one thing stood out to me – as challenging as it was, every woman in that room was truly pushing herself, and I wanted to as well. I had found the place I was looking for. My legs shook like crazy (and still do!) but from then on, I was addicted. The instructors encourage and challenge me every day that I go (I go 4 times a week) and without knowing it have helped give me back something I thought I had lost – a belief in myself and what I am capable of. The results I have seen are incredible. Not just physically, but mentally. I feel amazing inside and out (not to mention down 17 pounds, countless inches, and I have some guns that I am dang proud of!) I am coming up my 100th class soon and am so proud of how far I have come. My strength and endurance have increased far beyond what I expected.

Pure Barre started as a second chance for me, and has now become something more. It is a lifestyle. I can never say thank you enough to the Pure Barre Dallas (University Park) team and my teachers, (Kari, Jan Allison and Caroline B), for helping me find myself again and have a body that I love. You have made such a difference in my life!

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