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Pure Barre Thoughts from a Guy’s Perspective

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100 Thoughts From A Man_Todd From KnoxvilleA friend of mine from work had just opened Pure Barre in Knoxville.  I dropped in one day to see what Pure Barre was about and support her efforts.  While there, I ran into some friends coming out of class and found out that Pure Barre Knoxville had a ‘Bring On The Men Class’ coming up.  I went into the “men’s” class without a clue.  To say I was intimidated would be an understatement.  Here I am, close to 40, a guy who doesn’t really work out and is more than slightly out of shape.  After 55 minutes, I was sweaty and spent from all these, “tiny movements.”

You see, there was a happy hour after class along with some door prizes.  There was one door prize in particular that I wanted.  Instead of the nice bottle of Woodford Reserve that I wanted, I got five free Pure Barre classes.  My friends taking (and some teaching) Pure Barre classes encouraged me to take my five classes, and they even went with me.  After my five free classes I was hooked and signed up for the New Client Special, just in time for Pure Barre Knoxville’s Summer Challenge. Instead of the 40 classes in 60 days, my friend Morgan challenged me to 50 classes in 60 days, which we crushed.  At some point over the course of those 60 days, I went from hooked to Pure Barre addict.

As of today, I’ve completed over 100 Pure Barre classes, including taking class out of town!

Someone recently asked me, what is it about Pure Barre that’s stuck with you?  I’d have to say it’s the friendships I’ve forged and strengthened, as well as the sense of shared accomplishments within Pure Barre that transcends to Pure Barre Knoxville.

I traveled to Indianapolis recently and decided to take an out-of-town class.  I felt as welcome walking into Pure Barre Indianapolis – Carmel for the first time as I do walking into Pure Barre Knoxville every day.  They were interested in where I took classes, how long I’d been taking classes and how close I was to 100 classes, etc.  If you’ve never taken an out-of-town class, I strongly encourage you to give it a try.

Todd Dooley_Before Bring on the Men 2But there’s more.

Yes, those 55 minutes are my time but I’m sharing a 90 second plank, a final 10-count during thighs or a tough class in general with all these other people.  And you look around afterwards knowing that as tough as the class was, everyone in there came out stronger and better for it on the other end.

Lastly, I love that no two classes are the same.  There may be similarities but you’re going to get something different every time you show up.  It’s truly a lifestyle.

To anyone considering taking Pure Barre classes I would say, give yourself some time.  Don’t just take one class; take five or ten classes.  Give yourself time to understand the rhythm of the classes.  Working through that many classes provides you the opportunity to learn how the movements and positions should feel.  And don’t worry; the teachers aren’t shy about assisting you into the proper position. But don’t think it gets any easier.  You’re going to hear the teacher say, “Find that mind-body connection.”  Once you make that connection you’ll appreciate how tough the classes can really be.

Set goals for yourself.  My short-term goals were to make morning classes at least twice a week for a month, take a class from every teacher and become more flexible.  My long-term goals were to take 100 classes within six months and lose 20 pounds. I’ve exceeded or accomplished all of these within five months.  Two pieces of advice out the door: don’t let anyone talk you into the 5 lbs. weights (you are stronger than you think you are, but stay away from them!), and buy the Pure Barre socks, they’ll change your Pure Barre life.

And…101 more Pure Barre thoughts to leave you with…

101 Pure Barre Thoughts From a Guy’s Perspective

  1. Should I finally break down and buy PB socks today?
  2. Did I register for this class?
  3. What are these women staring at; haven’t they seen a man at PB before?
  4. The air freshener in here must be a diuretic.
  5. I seriously didn’t have to go 10 minutes ago…wth!
  6. Can I make it through class without pooping myself?
  7. I can’t use the bathroom here!
  8. Let’s see…Go up to 5lbs today?  Nope…
  9. Now, where to sit?
  10. Let’s sit next to the cute girl.
  11. Crap, she’s married.
  12. Ok, now I’ve really got to pee.
  13. Sit or stand?  What if my aim is off…sit.
  14. Please don’t let there be anyone waiting on the bathroom.
  15. Did I put deodorant on before I came? (sniff-sniff)
  16. It’s hot in here; do they have AC in this joint?
  17. Are they going to the turn the fans on or do I have to?
  18. How do these women wear yoga pants in here?
  19. I’m so happy these women wear yoga pants in here.
  20. One day I’m going to start a dodge ball game with these little balls.
  21. Wonder what these women think of a guy being in here?
  22. Thank goodness she turned the fans on!
  23. Is that as high as they go?  I can hardly feel them…
  24. Is it really time to start already?  I’m enjoying just sitting here…
  25. Warm up…?  Heck this is the hardest thing we do.
  26. These women are so much more coordinated at knee lifts than me…ugh.
  27. Please don’t pass gas while we’re on the floor…
  28. Is that a spider I feel crawling up my ankle?  Nope it’s that girl’s ponytail…she’s lucky she didn’t get donkey kicked!
  29. Wait, you want me to squeeze AND tuck while I plank?  Really???
  30. I should have gone with 5lbs weights…
  31. Thank goodness I went with 3lbs weights.
  32. Dang it, the cute girl is making me look bad.
  33. Do I see my biceps jumping off my arms?!?!  Of course, because my arms are on fire!
  34. Warm up’s over and I need to change shirts because I’m so sweaty.
  35. Time to blackout during thigh work.
  36. Don’t take up all the spots at the high bar…Don’t take up all the spots at the high bar.
  37. Take the ball high between my thighs?
  38. How high is too high…?
  39. How high are Saturday Night Stilettos???
  40. Isn’t a stiletto a knife?
  41. Gee, thanks for the compliment on my high heels…
  42. How in the world do these women not sweat???
  43. Shaking means changing?!?!
  44. No…shaking means it hurts!
  45. The girl in this picture is hot.
  46. Final change…yes!
  47. Wait, we’re doing another thigh exercise?
  48. Please let me blackout…
  49. When did leg stretches start???
  50. Never mind, class is half way over!
  51. Ahhhhh…this is my favorite part of class.
  52. Yeah, I’m a guy and I can do a split…just don’t tell my buddies.
  53. Seat work, I got this.
  54. It’s never as bad as thighs.
  55. How is my sweaty leg supposed the squeeze the ball without it shooting across the room???
  56. If I wore yoga pants like these women it wouldn’t be a problem.
  57. I’m so glad they wear yoga pants…
  58. OWWW, thanks for the adjustment teach, I guess my foot can get closer to my seat.
  59. Yes!  We get to sit down during seat work.
  60. Push up on the barre, flex my foot, lift my leg and move it back…all at the same time?  I’m not Gumby…
  61. Crap, why did I leave my water bottle in the middle of the room?  UGH!
  62. I’ve got to remember to ask what the PB Ledge is…
  63. I wonder if anyone is checking me my form out?
  64. I’ve got to stop for a second.
  65. Oh wait she’s counting the final 10.
  66. Can you not count to 10 any faster???
  67. How can out an inch, in an inch hurt so freaking bad?
  68. She complimented that girl.
  69. What’s she doing that I’m not?
  70. I hope no one notices thinks I’m checking her out.
  71. Now we’ve got to work the other side???
  72. Seatwork sucks…
  73. Seated abs = break time.
  74. How is it ab work when my arm is holding up my leg?
  75. At least my arm is shaking.
  76. How does my leg sweat THIS much?
  77. I got complimented on my foot drags…good for me.
  78. Why does she always sound so surprised when she compliments me?
  79. One day I really am gonna break this damn barre when I pull on it.
  80. How am I supposed to diamond shape my legs, lift my feet and open and close my legs?  Tell me!
  81. Please don’t make us put the mat between our legs, please don’t make us put the mat between our legs…ah crap.
  82. Moving to floor abs…almost there.
  83. How is it still so hot in here.
  84. Tuck-circle, tuck-circle…wonder if anyone else is thinking what I’m thinking?
  85. Exactly, am I tuck-circling the same direction twice?
  86. I hate ab work…
  87. Twist like I’m wringing out my abs…If I twist any more I’m gonna wring sweat out of this shirt!
  88. Am I breathing at all?
  89. Ahhh…I love laying out on this mat.
  90. Flip over to your front when you’re ready means I can stay right here if I want to, right?
  91. Sorry lower back, you’re getting screwed out of some work here ‘cause I’m done.
  92. What do you mean last working song…but I’m all relaxed!!
  93. I seriously may pass gas…
  94. We’ve got to put the ball between our legs again???
  95. Can we stop squeezing the ball already?  It hurts so bad!
  96. When I start the dodge ball game, teach is going to be the first person out.
  97. And it’s over…teach has a nice voice when it’s time to stretch.
  98. She just gave me one wipe…I need at least two.
  99. I feel sorry for the next person to use my mat.
  100. I can barely stand up.  What did we do in thigh work?  I must’ve blacked out again
  101. Never knew I could say so many cuss words in my55 minutes.


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