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55 Reasons You Love Pure Barre

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In honor of the ‘month of love’ this February, we are celebrating YOU and encouraging you to LOVE your body! We asked the Pure Barre Family, why do you love Pure Barre? Can you guess the number one reason? We can sum it up with one Pure Barre enthusiast’s quote, “Feeling good inside and out after class!” So take a second to appreciate YOU this month, give your body some love, with some love from Pure Barre. And if you need another reason to get to the barre…here are 55 more reasons YOU love Pure Barre, enjoy!

55 Reasons You Love Pure Barre

  1. The burn…and later the shakes.
  2. I love that there is no judgement at Pure Barre. No matter what level of fitness you’re at personally, you can come in and get your sweat on. Doing your best is all you have to do!
  3. Because it’s just as much a mental workout as it is a positive one. Once you realize that the burn and shake won’t kill you and you learn how to push through, that’s when you really see results.
  4. I am amazed at the changes it has made in my body. I love that every class is unique, and I am challenged every time. The teachers are all excellent and continue to motivate me again and again.
  5. The positive energy and enthusiasm of the teachers and the other women in class. They make me feel like I can do anything!
  6. For the first time in my 44 years, I feel good about ME! I don’t stop until I reach my goals.
  7. The #purebarrefamily I’ve come to know and love!
  8. The music, the music, the music!!!!
  9. The “Me” Time.
  10. Confidence that I can do it not only during class, but throughout the rest of my day as well.
  11. The way I feel after class: like I can do anything.
  12. My Pure Barre ledge!
  13. That at every Pure Barre studio (if you travel this is key!), you can “leave your day at the door” and feel accomplished and healthy after 55 uninterrupted minutes. Every single time. At every single class. At every single studio.
  14. I am almost a year into classes and still find each one challenging, mentally and physically. It’s really about what YOU put into it.
  15. The amazingly strong women who inspire me to challenge myself every time I am at the studio!
  16. It’s gentle enough on your body to not kill you, yet hard enough to make you sore in all the right places and makes you want more.
  17. The people I’ve met, the 35 lbs I’ve lost, and confidence I gained.
  18. I love how empowering being a part of the #purebarrefamily is, but I also love that no matter where in the country you go to Pure Barre, you feel very comfortable and right at home.
  19. Pure Barre has made me realize, I truly am much stronger than I think!
  20. Finding the mind-body connection and learning about muscles I didn’t even know I had!
  21. Embracing the SHAKE!
  22. I love that Pure Barre makes you shut everything else around you out and allows you to refocus on the mind-body connection that eases my mind and provides stress relief to my body!
  23. My strong thighs!
  24. It never gets easy and always you leave feeling amazing.
  25. The low impact. It’s helping my joints not breaking them down!
  26. I love that it is constantly changing and evolving. I can count on a challenging, full body workout that is different each time.
  27. Clapping at THE END!
  28. The amazing community of women that teach and attend, who have become my friends and motivation and teachers that are committed to making us give our best every class!
  29. That moment when you realize you were just able to finish an exercise, without stopping, that you’ve previously struggled with. That moment of YES!
  30. Being confident enough to wear LEGGINGS in everyday situations, which last season I wouldn’t have dared!!
  31. LTB means I live a Spanx-free life!
  32. The strength it has given me, not only physically but mentally as well.
  33. The 55 minutes just for me to make myself better in so many ways! It’s 55 minutes that I’m so proud of myself, that I feel peace and freedom from any worry and anxiety. When class is over, I feel like I can do anything.
  34. The feeling that you accomplish something every class. Whether it’s a few more seconds in plank, heavier weights, better form, finding your shake faster – I walk out every time thinking about goals I’ve hit, it never fails!
  35. The positive energy that starts with our instructors and trickles down to the people taking class. I always leave with a smile and a pep in my step.
  36. Feeling like Beyonce at the end of class.
  37. Confidence to believe in myself.
  38. The one thing that makes my mind completely worry free, for 55 minutes, every day!
  39. The way I feel the next day!
  40. That moment when you feel your abs during the final stretches of class, and you secretly let out a silent victory cheer because you know you shredded your abs like only Pure Barre can.
  41. When you push through the shake and burn for the FINAL 10 counts.
  42. Pure Barre leads to not just a better body but a better mind. It will change your life in ways you had no idea were possible. I feel blessed I GET to go to Pure Barre!
  43. The ritual of it, how it requires all my focus and clears my mind of the worries left over from that day. And my killer tush from all that LTB.
  44. I love how I feel at the end of each class! I literally tear up as the teacher says, “Give yourself a hand,” every time!
  45. The simultaneous feeling of exhaustion and elation after 55 minutes!
  46. I love the “me time” it gives me. It’s centering, I always leave like I can do anything after a class!
  47. I love that after more than 100 classes it is still just as challenging as my first class, (but with better form!). It pushes me to my limits. I never thought I could be this strong.
  48. That feeling I have when I am shaking and I know the changes are happening!
  49. The “home away from home” family feeling!
  50. The BURN!!! It’s a body toning, soul lifting, mind blowing burn that comes no where but from Pure Barre.
  51. Pure. Addiction.
  52. The energy in the room! It’s almost tangible.
  53. The support from all the teachers is amazing. They do not judge, they are always positive and giving you that extra “get Up and shake” to make it through class. They are truly amazing people!
  54. After 6 kids I had given up on my body, now I found a new me to love. I feel confident and so happy!! Those 55 minutes 3-4 times a week are just what I’ve always needed, only I didn’t know it.
  55. I love the true full-body workout I get from Pure Barre. There is no other workout that I actually plan my day around and am bummed if I miss class.

Show your body some love this Valentine’s Day and make a date with the barre! Pure Barre is teaming up with HEALTH Magazine to help women across the country feel strong, healthy, and confident at the first ever Love Your Body Day. Pure Barre studios around the country will be offering a free class and some goodies from HEALTH’s fabulous partners. See participating studios here and find out how to register using promo code LOVEYOURBODY at checkout.


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