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Love Your Body – Part 2: Inspiration from a Pure Barre Enthusiast

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Hi, my name is Molly Gregory.  My journey at Pure Barre began 10 months ago, however my journey for a new path in life began a year ago on my birthday.  You need to know that, so you know how I came to Pure Barre.Molly Gregory 1 (2)

A year ago I had gastric sleeve surgery.  I was 236 lbs and 5’2. My surgeon told me the only way I would be successful with this surgery is if I learn to change my eating habits and learn to exercise.  If I did not do those two things, my stomach would stretch back out to its then current form. I started with a nutritionist and was really hoping that was all I needed to do.  Yes, I was losing some weight, but I really hadn’t embraced the entire journey that I was needing to be on. In the meantime I had been watching my friend Dee Horn transform her body each time I would see her.  She would rave about this class she was taking…at Pure Barre.  She told me it was low impact, which, since I have a torn ACL, was very important.

January 6th 2014, I took the leap.  I did the one month new client special.  I was the sorest I had been in years.  No lie, after my second class I stopped at the local CVS to pick up some Epsom salts. I truly was that miserable.  I would wear long sleeve shirts and tshirts on top of them.  I was so hot and miserable, but I was not going to let anyone see any part of me.  I was so embarrassed to be so big, even though there were all sorts of shapes and sizes and ages in class.   However, there was this feeling inside of me that I couldn’t fight, that kept saying, hang in there, you can do this.

I quickly worked up to four days a week and then Katie, the studio owner, issued a March Challenge, 21 classes in 30 days.  It was at that point that I needed to up my game and start going 5-6 days a week.  I was starting to see small changes and my weight loss was at a steady rate. I began to slowly lose the long sleeve shirt underneath my tshirt and slowly switch to wearing cute tank tops.  The two biggest days at Pure Barre that stand out to me are, (I think sometime at the end of February, beginning of March), I blurted out in class, “I did it”!  On the warm up I finally was able to touch my foot when we were stretching.  I was so happy.  The second biggest moment was the day I first wore a tank top to class.  For me, emotionally this was huge.

I remember another girl in class, (who has since become a Pure Barre teacher at our studio) said to me I looked great and need to be proud of who I am.  I felt so accomplished that class, and no, I was nowhere near how I look now.  I have since made the 100 club this past June and I am well on my way to being determined to make the 250 club.  Sure, there have been other great moments along the way, holding my plank the entire time, staying in position during thighs and seats, etc..  But those two days are the ones that I will always hold near and dear to me.  I have come a long way.  I love hearing my name called in class and I love the feeling I have when completing a class.  The teachers have become my friends!  They inspire, motivate and most of all, truly believe I am stronger than I realize!!!  I have meet the most awesome ladies that I work out next to!  We laugh together, moan together and support one another!  This entire journey has been life changing, thanks to Pure Barre!Molly Gregory 1 (3)

What I love most about Pure Barre?  Good question, because there are so many things I love.  I love my new body, the results are amazing.  I have muscles I never knew I had.  Like an oblique, who knew!!  I love the friends I have made.  Being at Pure Barre is like therapy.  Physical and mental therapy.  I LOVE the teachers.  Katie and her team are truly so awesome.  I want to work hard for them, I want to do my best for all of them.  If I wasn’t so klutzy with my words and my left and my right, I really would love to become one of them!  They are all amazing and truly inspire me.  I love telling people about Pure Barre.  I am like a walking billboard.  My eyes truly light up whenever anyone asks me about it.  And yes, most times they don’t ask, I just tell! I love the way I just feel and I love the way I have changed all because of Pure Barre!

The changes that I have seen? I am more confident.  I describe myself as a shy person with a very outgoing personality.  A lot of that in the past was to overcompensate how I looked.  Now, it’s like my confidence is starting to catch up with me.  It’s about time, after all, I just turned 44 years old.  Physically, I have seen muscles I have never had which are tone and have definition.  I have seen that I am a strong woman whose clothes fit better, 79 lbs lost.  I have also seen my  attitude towards life has changed. The changes for me are both external and internal and some things that are just indescribable.

The advice I have for someone looking to try Pure Barre is to give it 10 classes.  Take 10 classes with some different teachers to get a true feel for it.  You will magically be hooked.  I still pray every time on my way to class that I will be able to get through it.  It is just as hard, actually correction, classes are harder now than they were when I started, but I appreciate the change in routine and clearly so does my body, so keep up with it.  I would tell them to ask questions if they do not understand.  The instructors are always so helpful.  AND, I would tell them to wear that tank top.  It gets hot and besides from that no one is watching you.  Everyone is busy working on staying in their positions and doing their best and final 10, that no one even notices you are there.  Just do it!

-Molly Gregory, Pure Barre Enthusiast from Pure Barre Lake Norman, NC – Birkdale

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