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Pure Barre Owner Story: Katrina Morgan

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Katrina Morgan – Co-owner of Pure Barre Tulsa, OK – Midtown & South Tulsa.

During the month of love, we’re wondering, “What does a Pure Barre studio owner love most about Pure Barre?” Keep reading to see what Pure Barre Tulsa – Midtown and South Tulsa, Oklahoma co-owner, Katrina Morgan has to say!

When and why did you first fall in love with Pure Barre?
My friend Megan started talking with me about Pure Barre when I first moved to Tulsa. I was extremely interested in the concept so when I went on vacation a few weeks later, I took my first class in Charleston, SC with Jenn Vannatta. I called Megan immediately and said, “We need a place like this in Tulsa! Let’s go for it!” Megan and I did videos in our home with friends for the next six months during our interview process. We couldn’t get enough! I had done every exercise there was – nothing in the past had ever changed my body as fast as Pure Barre. I was a stronger, healthier version of me in 30 days flat. I knew I was in love with Pure Barre when I couldn’t stop talking to my friends about it, would have a bad day if I missed a class, and overall changed my workout habits because I really WANTED to work out go to Pure Barre!

How do your describe Pure Barre to someone who has never heard of it?
Pure Barre is unlike any workout you have ever done. There are elements during class you may find familiar – because Pure Barre uses ballet, Pilates, and yoga during the workout. It is interval training, fast-paced class with awesome motivating music. The moves change every day, but the structure of the class remains the same, so you really know when to challenge yourself! We work the entire body going through each muscle group followed by a stretch. I love that you get a whole-body workout in under an hour! The mind-body connection required in Pure Barre allows you to absolutely focus on YOU for 55 minutes. Pure Barre combines the best of all worlds – mind-body benefits of yoga, the elevated heart rate of cardio, and muscle fatigue of weight lifting!

Katrina (left) with co-owner Megan (right).

Katrina (left) with co-owner Megan (right).

What inspired you to open your own Pure Barre studio?
I spoke with three different Pure Barre owners and was very inspired by their stories. They had each opened locations in new markets and told story after story about changing people’s lives, and how it had changed their own for the better. Megan, my co-owner, had a personal connection with Pure Barre in Dallas, and we talked with them at length about why they opened a studio. Megan and I felt their passion, and got more excited after every conversation. We thought, “This could really happen to us! We could own our very own business and be a part of these amazing stories!” I had a very full-time job and knew I was not going to be able to work 12 hour days for the rest of my life. It was important to me to find a work-life balance, especially as we were starting to plan a family. There was also nothing like Pure Barre anywhere in Tulsa!

What kind of work did you do prior to Pure Barre? What makes owning a Pure Barre studio better?
I have my nursing degree and Masters in Healthcare Administration. I was the Senior Director of Operations at Utica Park Clinic prior to owning Pure Barre. Owning a Pure Barre studio has absolutely taken stress out of my life. I get to devote 100% of my time on how I can make the studio a better place for our clients to become stronger and healthier people. At the same time, I also can schedule my time as I need to around important factors in my personal life. I can meet my child at school for lunch if I want to in between classes, ask always willing teachers to cover my classes when I need a day, and actually put my phone up when I get home to my family.

What is your favorite part of being a Pure Barre studio owner?
Being a Pure Barre owner has fulfilled my life in more ways than I can describe. I am the strongest I have ever been, I am able to spend more time with my family, and I get to be a part of something inspiring and encouraging. AND I’m changing women’s lives every day – really can’t get much better than that! I can’t pick just one favorite, but packing up all of my work suits to replace them with workout clothes DOES top the list! 😉


Katrina celebrates a Valentine’s Day birthday!

Describe a day in the life as a Pure Barre owner.
Wake up, make coffee. Check emails, the day’s class schedule, plan for any classes I’m teaching, review sales from the previous day. More coffee. Get ready. Baby gets up. 🙂 Once I get to Pure Barre, I teach majority of the time during the morning classes (9:45), and then between the AM and noon class I’ll answer emails, do payroll, work on the schedule, check/buy supplies, run reports etc. Then I work at the front desk for the noon class and take this class to get my workout in for the day! Once class is over, I check emails again, return voice-mails, clean the studio and re-arrange apparel as needed. I will post on social media as well to celebrate our clients’ big milestones. I guess that is my normal day, although it seems like every day is very different! Never a boring moment at Pure Barre!

What is the most impactful way you and your clients have given back to your local community?
We have made an impact on the local community in many ways. In a little over a year, we have given over 50 free month-unlimited packages to be raffled away at local school auctions and local charity events. We have also had two Pure Give events for Breast Cancer Awareness and Hospitality House in Tulsa, raising over $1,000. We find it very important to always support local business – whether it is ordering a cake from our neighbor, or handing out coupons to the baby boutique next door when a client tells us she is pregnant. Especially when we have parties and events, we will use our awesome locally owned neighbors to provide the goodies! With our teacher, student, and military clients we offer discounted classes. We also have corporate sponsorships with local corporations to provide their Tulsa personnel with the benefits of Pure Barre. We have hosted many private parties for sorority, junior league and other local women groups in the community.


Katrina and her husband Matt at Pure Barre Tulsa – Midtown’s grand opening party.

What have you learned about yourself by owning your own business?
I never would have imagined myself as a small business owner. It was always something I heard about but never actually thought I could ever be that passionate about doing. But it turned into something to take a leap of faith and own my very own business! Pure Barre brought out the passion in me! And it continues to every day as I meet more and more women who become deeply rooted into our community, and see positive changes in their lives every day because of Pure Barre. I have learned I can actually understand finance…(yes!). But really, working with our CPA for a couple months, combined with my business background, gave me the ability to learn how to truly understand and manage our company operationally and financially.


What is special about the Pure Barre community of owners?
I love our group of Pure Barre owners! Walking into our big room at the annual conference just made me smile. First of all, it is seriously the most beautiful people in the world. Just gorgeous. Second, you are surrounded by passion, beauty, strength and business intelligence. And every single one of them would immediately sit down for a cup of coffee to talk about whatever you needed. The combination of strengths and a variety of backgrounds; some are lawyers, therapists, nurses, teachers, etc. is incredible to be surrounded by. You can learn something from anyone you meet. Every Pure Barre owner I have met or reached out to has been so responsive and wonderful to work with. I seriously couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Pure Barre Family!


2014 Pure Barre Owners’ Conference

Tell us something interesting that your Pure Barre clients might not know about you.
I was a military child, having moved twelve places by the time I was in high school. Home-schooled until high school, I was always the cool kid. HA! My mother started me in ballet at young age, and it was my consistent love in life as we moved from place to place. I worked as a nurse in Alabama to pay for graduate school in Healthcare Administration at the University of Alabama – Birmingham. I met my wonderful husband in grad school, and his job is the reason we moved to Tulsa. So thanks hunny! We have finally found home! When not at work – I enjoy doing anything outdoors with my husband and little boy. We love to travel and visit our family that live all over the country. And, of course I do love to shop…a bit too much!

What advice would you offer to someone considering opening their own Pure Barre studio?
Know that there is a lot of hard work that goes into making a studio successful. It takes time to build a strong team of teachers, relationships with clientele, understanding what apparel will do best in your market, and learning how to manage daily operations. But it is so worth it. AND FUN! You put on your sassiest pair of work out pants, get to be surrounded by fabulous people all day, work out, be inspired, and still get home to make dinner! The work is flexible, you set the priorities, you decide the schedule, you are the boss of your day!

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