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Inspiration from a Pure Barre Enthusiast: Meet Stacy Morris!

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I went to my first Pure Barre class in 2011 after being invited by a friend. I had recently had my first son and was very weak. I couldn’t even do one sit up! I was also really busy in nurse practitioner school and I felt like I could never find the time to get to class. I was so discouraged and quit after my first month. I continued down the path I had been on at that time, which consisted of very little exercise. I was never able to lose the “baby weight” between my first and second pregnancies.  In 2013, I got pregnant with my second son. I started off the pregnancy ten pounds heavier than my first pregnancy, which made it far more difficult to bounce back after delivery. Pure Barre Birmingham, Alabama – Riverchase opened in October 2013 and I was ecstatic to hear of its arrival. It was very convenient – just five minutes from my boys’ school. I knew I had no excuse not to start classes. I went on opening morning and have been consistently going to class ever since. This time around, I was also weak in the beginning. But I realized this wasn’t going to be an easy journey. To get my old self back, it was going to take hard work and dedication. I had to push myself to be consistent even when I didn’t want to go or felt I had other things I needed to do. Although classes were a challenge, they were very fun – I was instantly hooked! I was getting stronger with every class and had so much energy. I started to tell everyone I knew about Pure Barre and how awesome it was making my feel.

The teachers are so nice and welcoming. They helped me learn the moves in the beginning when I felt like I had no clue what I was doing. The studio has always been so inviting. I can be having a really bad day, and as soon as I walk through the doors, all my cares drift away. It is 55 minutes of my very own every day and helps me to devote a little bit of time to myself. As a mom, I feel like there are so many demands on my day to day life. I am always taking care of others in my family. Going to Pure Barre helps me to better myself and gives me something to look forward to. I also love that the workouts are so diverse. There are really no two classes that are exactly the same. There are so many different moves that all target your body in various ways. I think these variations really help Pure Barre to be such an effective and unique workout. I feel like my body never gets used to it, which helps to always challenge me, even a year later. I have also loved meeting so many new friends who strive for the same goals. I can honestly say, for the first time in my life, I truly love working out! The atmosphere and music make it fun!Stacy Morris 3  -collage

Pure Barre has really helped to decrease stress and anxiety in my life as well. I am a bit of a perfectionist and have always put tons of pressure on myself. This has been a major outlet for me. I can go to class and allow myself to unwind even while challenging my body! It also has allowed me to get back my old body. Since starting Pure Barre, I have dropped down to ten pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. Even though I still have a long way to go, I feel like I have accomplished a great deal. I have seen myself tone in different areas that I could never reach before. Pure Barre also has given me self -confidence. Knowing that I am doing something to better myself each day is a great feeling. Pure Barre has helped me to realize that perfection is not possible, but that I can always strive to be my best in and out of the studio. I set a goal to reach the 100 club and did so last May – I’m on my way to reaching the 250 club very soon! I also love the challenges that we do as a studio, like completing 20 classes in 31 days. These challenges are great motivation and allow me to reach my own personal goals.

I’d advise anyone thinking about starting Pure Barre: DON’T QUIT! Whatever you do, please don’t quit! You will definitely feel confused for the first few classes—that is normal. Pure Barre is very unique and unlike any workout that you have ever done before. Don’t expect to know all the moves on Day 1. Just keep going and trying to learn more with each class. Also, do not be intimidated by other women in the class. That was something I struggled with in the beginning because I wasn’t happy with my body and felt so out of shape. I can assure you that no one is looking at you. Even if you feel silly “tucking” your hips, just do the moves because they work! Don’t look around the studio at all the other women. Just look in the mirror and be your own competition. Strive to get stronger with every class, and be your best self. Stick with it! Keep trying it over and over, and eventually the moves will become like second nature. You will start to understand more of what to do and will even begin to anticipate the instructor’s next moves. Don’t hesitate to ask the instructors for help. They are more than willing – that’s what they are there for! Strive to take class consistently (at least four days a week) to really challenge your body and see the best results! Once you get more comfortable with the moves, try to hold them throughout the whole series – all the way to the final ten seconds. This will really build endurance and help you to get stronger. Give Pure Barre a try! I promise you will be glad you did.

– Stacy Morris, Pure Barre Enthusiast from Pure Barre Birmingham, Alabama – Riverchase

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