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Fuel Your Body for Success at the Barre

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Workout Fuel Tips from Sami Sweeney 1

Pre-Workout fueling tips from veteran Pure Barre owner, Sami Sweeney

Just like any intense workout, how you fuel your body prior to your barre class will directly affect the quality of your 55 minutes. I suggest eating something light and nutritious about a 1-2 hours before your class, even if you’re getting your burn on at 6am! Lots of water, some healthy fats, lean protein, and a healthy dose of caffeine works best for me.

My favorite coffee habit is adding a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil to my fresh brew and blending it for a rich, creamy cup of yummy goodness. As an early riser who doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen, I tend to eat a lot of on-the-go foods. Bananas with a spoon full of almond butter is one of my faves. I also never leave the house without a bag of raw almonds.

Set yourself up for a successful workout by prepping your pre-workout fuel. Cut carrots, pack a shaker and protein, ziploc your favorite trail mix or prepare your favorite snack well before your workout. If you can’t seem to remember to eat in time, you can always set an alarm on your phone reminding you of your pre-workout snack time!

About Sami Sweeney: Sami started teaching Pure Barre at the Nashville, TN – Green Hills location in early 2009. She later became a Master Teacher Trainer and worked under Pure Barre Founder, Carrie Dorr, when there were just two Master Teacher Trainers for the company at that time. In 2010, Sami moved back to her Pacific Northwest roots to open her first studio in Seattle, WA, now known as Pure Barre Seattle – University. In the subsequent years, Sami and her husband expanded the Pure Barre brand throughout the Seattle area, opening and operating a total of 6 studios. 

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