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Pure Madness: Who Came Out on Top?

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March was a mad scramble to out-tuck the competition as over 23,000 of you pulsed, bend-stretched and shook your way through the month of “Pure Madness!” We’re incredibly proud and humbled by the number of determined clients who stepped up to the barre 20 times this past month – many of you took it a step further and completed even more classes. Each and every one of you are truly amazing, and  we’re confident that the #PureBarreFamily within each studio grew stronger during this challenge.

While each studio’s efforts deserve some serious praise, one team came out on top. The moment all you challengers have been waiting for is finally here – we’re thrilled to announce the winner of the Pure Madness challenge:


Congratulations to Pure Barre Greensboro, NC for having the highest % of participants complete the challenge during the month of March! Your team (and your super toned muscles!) will enjoy a fabulous day of pampering and a studio location tee to show off your studio pride. Stay tuned for more details on your well-deserved rewards!

One other studio really rocked Pure Madness, and we need to give them a big shout out as well. Pure Barre Lake Norman, NC -Birkdale had the highest overall number of registrants (129!) complete the challenge. As a special surprise, these rockstars will receive a “challenge champion” tee of their own. Congratulations!

Just because Pure Madness is over doesn’t mean you should stop challenging yourself! It’s possible to encounter new challenges each time you LTB – a mindset that client Sharon Berk knows all too well. Read on to learn how she creates an ongoing challenge for herself in every class (hint: it goes beyond just the physical movements.)

Never Stop Learning: Inspiration from Pure Barre Enthusiast Sharon Berk

Sharon Berk (1)

I took my first Pure Barre class on July 2, 2011. My family and I had been living in Phoenix for 4 years, and since I have my own business that I run from home, I was feeling disconnected and a little lonely in our new city. I was never a big fan of the gym nor did I consider myself the “group workout” type. But, after trying a barre class in a different city, I thought Pure Barre might be a good way to get in shape and also meet new people. I started out slowly, taking a few classes a week. The studio was bright and welcoming. The instructors and other clients were friendly and encouraging.  I tried to hide in the back corner for those first few weeks, but soon I started catching on – my flexibility improved, I felt stronger, and my confidence sky-rocketed. Before I knew it, I was right up front studying my form in the mirror and signing up for challenges and workshops. Today, Pure Barre is an important part of my daily routine. It’s been almost 4 years and I’ve taken over 1,000 classes. It feels strange to skip a day, and when I travel I always look for the local Pure Barre so I don’t get homesick.

Sharon Berk (2) There are so many things I love about Pure Barre! The workouts challenge me every day. I feel that the more I know about the technique, the harder the classes become and I love the feeling I have leaving the studio each day – accomplished! Just when I think I’ve got it down, the choreography changes or something like the 20 in 31 Challenge happens. The community is also what keeps me coming back. Veronica, Marirose and their amazing staff are so warm and encouraging to each and every client. Their motivation, encouragement, and sense of humor have helped me work toward my fitness goals without taking myself too seriously. Finally, I’ve made so many wonderful friends at Pure Barre – women who impress me day after day. We push each other, we support each other, but usually we just have a great time together.

Pure Barre has really changed me. Not only am I physically stronger, more flexible, and more toned, I have much more confidence in myself. I especially feel this way after completing a challenge. I feel happier now than I’ve ever been and am in the best shape of my adult life.  As the mother of two teenage girls, Pure Barre has also helped me lower my stress level and stay calm in difficult situations, allowing me to talk to my daughters more clearly and thoughtfully.

Give it a shot! It’s tough, but it’s FUN. I promise you’ll love it!

Sharon Berk (3)

From Pure Barre Enthusiast Sharon Berk, client at Pure Barre Phoenix, AZ.

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