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Inspiration from Pure Barre Client Laura Murphy

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In December, I was surprised when local businesses showed up at my school to present me with the Distinguished Teacher Award, which included a prize basket with a gift certificate for a month unlimited at Pure Barre. As the dance coach at my middle school, I had always wanted to try a class, but I had focused all of my attention on running and thought I didn’t have time for this sort of workout. With two young children and a very full plate, I never thought I could squeeze in something else to my schedule. Ironically, all of my running magazines recommended taking a barre class to strengthen my core, but I was skeptical of seeing actual results. A few months earlier I had suffered a stress fracture, so I had to cut back on running anyway and  knew it was time to start strengthening my body to prevent further injury. My first month at Pure Barre came just in time to truly help me on the road to recovery.

Laura Murphy

tucking in the snow!

As a result of Pure Barre, I have literally lost inches! After two months of taking classes, I was measured for my yearly fitness assessment. I was so proud and surprised to see that I had lost an inch and a half in my waist since the same assessment last year! My stomach is also flatter, my legs feel stronger and I am mentally excelling as well. After a busy day in the classroom, followed by helping my kindergartner on homework and coaching at ball games, the one thing I can look forward to is the stretch after my Pure Barre workout. I leave feeling better physically, mentally and even spiritually. I have told EVERYONE I know about Pure Barre because I believe that if I can have these results as a busy working mom, anyone can! Once I tried the class, I was totally hooked.

What I love most about Pure Barre is that each class is different. In less than an hour, I am able to do a week’s worth of work I would normally do in the gym. Working my arms, thighs, seat, core, and finally stretching left me feeling more physically powerful every class. The instructors would always say “You’re stronger than you think” and it began to inspire me to push myself harder each time. I went out for a run two weeks after starting classes and I noticed that my legs and core not only felt stronger, but I was not in any pain in my foot after the workout! I am now training for my second half marathon and taking Pure Barre classes is the perfect balance for me between running and training. In fact, the earlier classes start my day off right and the weekend classes give me some personal time to look forward to. My husband attends the “Bring on the Men” classes with me, and thanks to Pure Barre, I am meeting new people and finding a community of support.

The advice that I give to my friends when they are trying Pure Barre for the first time is to relax and do their best. Always come back a second time! Because Pure Barre is such a unique workout, it’s normal to look around at others during the first class, but the instructor is very helpful, so grab a spot near the front of the room. I urge newcomers to not be self-conscious because all sizes, shapes and ability levels enjoy LTB-ing. The main reason to come to Pure Barre is to not just reach fitness goals, but to become a better-rounded person. An added benefit of the classes is meeting other people who are also pursuing their goals. I once heard someone say: “Don’t worry so much about what you look like, focus on what you FEEL like.” That’s so true because I could feel the results immediately which kept me coming back, and within just a few weeks, I could really SEE them too! My Pure Barre journey is just beginning, and now my main focus is to encourage others, regardless of age, size and ability, to give this journey a try too. I can’t wait to reach 100 classes and keep pursuing my goals from there. Thank you, Pure Barre, for being the first workout that I have ever looked forward to!

-Laura Murphy, Pure Barre Enthusiast from Owensboro, KY.

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