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Pure Mom Story: Meet Hannah & Beth

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Hannah and Beth Wright 1

This week, we’re celebrating all the amazing moms out there! Stop by through Mother’s Day to check out some of our favorite mother/child duos reflecting on the ways LTB’ing together has brought them even closer. A very Happy Mother’s Day to all those superheroes (a.k.a. – moms!) who make the world go ’round!

My mom and I started Pure Barre in December of 2013. A friend of mine had opened a studio in our home town and my mom was the one who continually talked about trying it out. When we finally went to a class, we were instantly hooked. I was living at home at the time, so every morning we would get up at 5:15 am and go to the 6 am class together. It was an instant bond we shared that no one else in our family could understand. We had out little routine: Get up, I would drive us to class and stop to get our coffee afterward. It was something we both looked forward to every morning!

My Mom had a hard time finding a workout she would stick to. She would go to a class at the gym every now and then, but would soon fall into an old routine of skipping on working out altogether. This is why Pure Barre has been so amazing – I have never seen my mom love an activity so much! She goes five times a week (more than me!) and has made lasting friends because of it. She has lost close to thirty pounds and looks amazing. The biggest change, however, is in her confidence. She used to be so self-conscious when it came to her body. She would hide away from the camera. Now she is proud of her body and excited to be seen! I, on the other hand, have always been a runner and never thought any workout could be as effective as running. I now only run once or twice a week and spend my other days taking Pure Barre. I have seen much more definition in my body because of it and feel immensely stronger than I ever have.

Hannah and Beth Wright 2

The highlight our Pure Barre experience so far was taking our 100th class. It was such an accomplishment that we were able to share together. We worked hard and held each other accountable every morning when we got up to go to class. We knew we wanted to share that class before I moved to a different city – and we made it happen! It’s a time in my life I am delighted to have shared with her.

To anyone who is hesitant to take Pure Barre, I say go for it! No matter your age or body type, you will see results both mentally and physically. It is something that becomes more and more addicting the longer you continue to go and the more you start to understand it.

From Hannah Wright, client at Pure Barre Charlotte, NC – Myers Park.


We’re teaming up with SELF Magazine for a “Change of Heart” in support of the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign! Join us for a heartfelt workout series Mother’s Day week and sign up for a $20 donation-based class at participating studios. Bring your mom, sister, daughter, and loved ones to join in on the fun – you could win 1 month of free Pure Barre classes for you and your mom!

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