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Being Amazing and Fearless: Meet Natalie & Beverly

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Be Amazing, Be Fearless!

Since I was a young girl, my mother taught me to be amazing and fearless. I am not sure she knew that she was teaching me these core values intentionally, but her modeling of these characteristics was impossible to ignore.

I have been teaching Pure Barre since January of 2015 (when the Addison, TX studio opened) and mom came to support me during my practice sessions. She immediately fell in love with the technique and is now addicted. Mom and I did not know we were missing anything in our relationship, but we have discovered that Pure Barre has strengthened our bond by defining the very things that mom taught me growing up: Be Amazing, Be Fearless, and Be YOU!

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Mom and I have both noticed significant gains in core strength since Pure Barre. I am a marathon runner and Pure Barre has greatly impacted my racing speed. Mom says that her body is changing in ways that she never thought possible. Pure Barre has helped us both with neck and back problems by strengthening opposing muscle groups to support our joints. We have traded in our chiropractor for Pure Barre! Of course, we have also both noticed an improvement in our stylish workout attire as a result of Pure Barre retail.

The Pure Madness Challenge was the kicker for us to make Pure Barre a weekly habit. As an instructor I had a regular Pure Barre routine, but mom set a goal to complete 20 in 31 and she exceeded that goal. Mom and I talk frequently as it is, but during the month of March we would check in nearly every day just to see how Pure Barre was that day. While I didn’t quite make it to 20 (only completed 17 due to my daytime job), mom made up the difference for me by completing 24! As usual, being amazing and fearless to support me (as she has done my entire life). I couldn’t ask for a better role model and I hope to do the same for my daughters!

Be amazing, be fearless, and be open to the awesomeness that is Pure Barre. It is a truly unique experience. The power and strength of 55 minutes of Pure Barre rejuvenation is unmatched and impossible to find anywhere else.

From Pure Barre Teacher Natalie Baerwaldt, who teaches classes at Pure Barre Addison, TX.


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