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Our “Pure Barre Nights:” Meet Meredith & Joan

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Meredith  & Joan Curley 3

My Mom and I started taking classes together in June 2013.  It is “our time!” She spends a lot of time with my sisters, helping them take care of their kids and homes, so we wanted to set aside time that was just for the two of us. We love going to class together and then hanging out after class and catching up – it is very special for us (and my sisters are just a little jealous that we get to go to class together.) We cherish our “Pure Barre nights.” Mom has always been a positive and healthy person and she has tried to encourage me to be the same. I have never particularly enjoyed working out – until I found Pure Barre.  Mom (and others) tell me all the time how much happier I am now that I have found Pure Barre. I am more positive and happier with who I am – I have learned to love myself in a new and better way. Physically, Pure Barre has been great for me, but mentally, it has been AMAZING – I need it more for my peace of mind now! My mom is so happy because I am happier – it has allowed the two of us to understand each other in a new way. I see what she has been trying to teach me all of these years about physical health and mental happiness – and she is so happy that I have taken her lessons to heart.

My mom donated her kidney to her cousin in December 2012. Once she was recovered enough to start working out again, she needed to find something that would ease her back into a healthy lifestyle. She thought Pure Barre would be a good choice based on recommendations from others. It allowed her to rebuild some of the abdominal strength she lost from the surgery while also toning her other muscles that had lost strength during her 6 month recovery. She asked me to join her for a class. We were both excited to find something we could do together that was “our thing.” We push each other to get to class. If she skips for one reason or another, she knows I will give her a hard time (and vice versa) – we hold each other accountable for attending class. I also love our “Pure Barre nights,” as we call them. We go to our 5:55 pm class and then find a spot to sit and catch up and eat something healthy for dinner. Those nights are very special for both of us and I look forward to my time with my mom at the barre! Mom also gives me classes as gifts for Christmas and my birthday – a GREAT way to keep me on track. I don’t want her to lose any money, so I make sure I use those gift classes before they expire. It keeps me motivated!

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I remember after our first class, we were both sore, exhausted, and in a state of shock (classes move quickly when you are new and have no clue what you are doing). I said to my mom after class, “I am never doing THAT again” – but I definitely did. I have taken over 200 classes in less than two years and Mom isn’t far behind. I broke my foot in April 2014 and couldn’t take class for two months – it was TORTURE.  I realized that more than anything, I missed the mental benefits of Pure Barre – it really allows you to clear your mind and focus on bettering yourself for an hour. I would tell someone just starting out to go as often as you can – it is a wonderful gift to your body and to your mind! I have made many friends in my almost two years going to classes and it has become such a huge part of my life. I am so happy I stuck with it! I would tell anyone just starting out to ask questions (I am still asking about how to improve my form after hundreds of classes), talk to teachers and classmates, and don’t give up! It will be the best gift you can give yourself.

From Pure Barre Enthusiast Meredith Curley, client at Pure Barre Philadelphia, PA – Center City.

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