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Pure Mom Story: Meet Andrea & Jane

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I have been taking Pure Barre since 2010 when I attended college in Austin, TX and have been teaching classes in Washington, DC since 2013. However, I may have never set foot in a Pure Barre studio if it weren’t for my mom.

My mom is an avid exerciser and is always trying new things. I always joke that she’s in way better shape than I am and she can bench press over 100 pounds! Even though she spent a lot of time in step, spin, bosu, and Pilates classes (or making the men look like boys in the weight room), she fell in love with the tiny and controlled movements she discovered at her home studio in Greenwood Village, Colorado. When she told me about it, I was hesitant (as daughters can be when moms make suggestions to them!), but I am so glad I finally listened to her and gave it a try. Now, Pure Barre is one of our favorite activities to do together when we visit each other and we frequently take class “together” at the same time, always touching base afterward. It’s been a great way to bond and stay healthy together and I’m so impressed by how hard she constantly works in class!

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I think the changes and benefits of Pure Barre have been twofold: both physical and mental. In addition to becoming stronger and more toned, I think we are both more able to push through the difficult stuff even through the shaking. In my opinion, that translates to real life as well, and I feel more capable of fighting for my goals even though it can be an arduous journey. I definitely learned a lot of that from my mom, too.

My mom is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. She is one of the strongest and most active people I know and could definitely kick mine or any one of my friends’ seats! I love knowing that my mom is strong enough to do the things she does and it has taught me that age is never an excuse to not pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

Luckily, I grew up dancing, so I have a decent sense of how to control and move different parts of my body and have a certain pre-existing level of coordination. But for people who don’t have that background, stick with it a few classes and you’ll start to understand exactly how to do the movements and the choreography becomes like second nature. I always tell my new clients that there’s a steep learning curve, but after a few classes things will suddenly start to click and you’ll be glad you stuck it out – especially when you notice your strength and muscle tone improve.

From Pure Barre Teacher Andrea Liner, who teaches classes at Pure Barre Washington D.C. – Dupont Circle.

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