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Mom Knows Best: Mama-Inspired Lessons for the Barre + Beyond

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Kat Collins & Mom - Mother's Day Post 

Ever wonder how your mom knows so much about so much? I swear, I could be doing nearly anything – from figuring out how to boil an egg to deciding whether or not I should move across the country – and she would have the best advice to make me feel ready and confident.  Some lessons stick more easily than others (Maybe I really shouldn’t have tried to paint my bathroom gold alone…), and many last a lifetime. Here are three mama-inspired lessons that I apply daily to feel great during my Pure Barre practice, courtesy of one of my favorite humans (Shout out to Barbie!).

You Are What You Eat

Ugh, I hate to admit it, but she was right. Was that plate of chicken wings worth it? Maybe at the time, but I sure did feel terrible the next day.

As a kid, I always had to finish all my veggies before I could get my dessert. My siblings and I were given a great balance in our meals, from the occasional fast food dinner to the go-to grilled chicken with rice and salad.  Now that I plan my own food, at times it’s harder to figure out where to give and take on my indulgences and I end up over doing it. When that happens, my mom always reminds me, “Tomorrow is a new day. You can get back on track then.” Even when you get off course, don’t throw in the towel for good!

You Control Your Own Life

My parents have encouraged me to create the life I’ve always imagined, and to not be afraid to follow my dreams. So what does that translate to in reality? It means that you have to be the most active participant in your own life.

Life throws so much at you – it’s not always fair, or easy, or kind. But in the end, you are the one controlling many of the big things going on in your world. Not getting to the barre as often as you’d like? Change it. Feeling uninspired? Change it. Find time in your schedule to prioritize what matters most to you. From spending time with family and friends to cooking your favorite meals and taking vacation – it’s all your decisions. Be the person that you want to be by harmonizing your thoughts, words, and actions. You won’t regret it in the end.

Have A Happy Day

My mom’s signature saying is “Happy Day.” Every morning she sends her “mom check” text, and often times I just get those two words. It can be a statement, said with enthusiasm, or with question, but it always has the same underlying meaning: Whatever’s going on – make the most of it.

I practice the Happy Day mentality as much as possible. It’s perfect for Pure Barre. When you walk into your studio, it’s time to drop all of the things that happened that day and focus on the good. Every class offers you the chance to hit the reset button and come out feeling stronger, happier, and healthier.

Kat Collins is a former Pure Barre National Brand Ambassador who works in health and wellness marketing. She lives in a New York state of mind while  LTB’ing around her hometown of Chicago.

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